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Why take an online casino bonus?

The reasons for taking an online casino bonus are various can be different from player to player. One of the main reasons is of course the extended playtime. Gambling is supposed to be fun. So why not extend your fun by doubling up your deposit?

Some people also like the opportunities that come with an online casino bonus. Doubling or tripling up a deposit can allow for higher-than-usual bet sizes and thus possibly higher wins. It is a big difference if you play on a higher bet size, especially with the wager requirements that come in play with usually every online casino bonus.

Types of online casino bonuses

When searching our online casino page you will come across several different types of online casino bonus offers. Here are some of them listed and explained:

Sticky Bonus

The sticky bonus is the most commonly bonus found. When opting for a sticky bonus, your deposit will most likely be matched with a 100% Casino Bonus, sometimes even higher. You are then required to match a wager requirement, which is usually around 30 to 50 times your bonus balance.

Quick example: You deposit 100€ and get 100€ Casino bonus on top with a wager requirement of 40 times the bonus, you are required to wager a total of 4.000€. The sticky bonus prevents you from cashing out your balance until these wager requirements are met.

Non-Sticky Bonus

The non-sticky bonus is very similar to the sticky bonus but with one big difference: your real money balance and your bonus money balance are split. This means that, usually, you first play with your real money balance before your bonus money comes in play. With that being said, the non-sticky bonus allows you to cash out any profits you have made, as long as you did NOT touch your bonus balance. As this sounds quite lucrative, non-sticky bonuses are pretty rare.

Quick example here as well: You deposit 100€ and get a 100€ non-sticky online casino bonus on top, which sums up to 200€. You play until you reach 150€ and all of a sudden you win 500€. You are now allowed to cancel your active bonus and keep your real money balance of 550€,

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No Deposit Bonus

The no deposit bonus is not quite like the ones before. For a no deposit bonus you are indeed not required to deposit any money, hence the name. That’s what makes them very popular, because you can test out a casino without having any risk. Usually no deposit bonuses come in form of free spins or a little bonus money or something along those lines. We also offer some online casinos with a no deposit bonus, so be sure to look around.

Cashback / Rakeback

While most online casinos offer deposit bonuses, sticky bonuses in particular, there are some online casinos that offer Cashback and Rakeback. To be more specific: Almost every online casino offers Cashback in some sort, but there are some that offer a higher percentage. These Cashback promotions are great for players who don’t like to play with an online casino bonus. You only play with real money and if you’re unlucky you get a percentage of your losses back with a wager requirement of usually 1 time the Cashback amount. Some casinos also directly convert it to real money, it varies.

100% Casino Bonus

The 100% Casino Bonus is the one you will encounter most of the time. It’s more or less the standard amount that was established by online casinos years ago. Basically, what a 100% Casino Bonus means is that your deposit will be doubled up to a certain amount. E.g. a 100% Casino Bonus up to 200€ means that any deposit up to 200€ will be doubled. Anything you deposit over this amount will of course not be doubled and will be just added as extra balance on your account, so most of the time it’s not really worth to deposit more than needed, except maybe if you go for a Non-sticky Casino Bonus.

200% Casino Bonus

A 200% Casino Bonus is much rarer than the 100% Casino Bonus. Like the name suggests, you can triple your deposit. Not much of a difference to the 100% Casino Bonus, but tripling your deposit is something you won’t see everywhere. Nonetheless we have a few 200% Casino Bonus offerings that you can check out.

300% Casino Bonus and beyond

A 300% Casino Bonus or more is something you rarely ever see on serious casinos. You need to be very careful when choosing one of these for a simple reason. Something like a „400% Casino Bonus up to 2000€“ looks tempting, but they are often not trustworthy or serious. We recommend that you check our page from time to time and see if we have something like a 300% Casino Bonus or beyond to offer. We will always make sure to only offer serious online casino promotions.

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Online Casino Bonus: Wager explained

We are always meantioning the so called „wager requirements“. But what exactly are these? You see, whenever you choose an online casino bonus you will meet wager requirements. These are different on every online casino, so there’s no common thread. Wager requirements can range from 30 to 50 times the bonus amount or 20 to 30 times the deposit plus bonus amount.

How wager works

Let’s use a quick example: You deposit 100€ and and take a 100% Casino Bonus up to 100€. Your wager requirements are 30 times the bonus amount. Since your bonus amount is 100€, your wager requirements are met at 3.000€. With every spin your wager goes down by the value of your bet size. So if you spin on 1€, your wager will go down 1€. If you spin on 2€, your wager will go down 2€ and so on.

If you choose a sticky bonus, you are not allowed to withdraw any money until your wager goes down to 0€.

Bonus terms

Whenever there are wager requirements, there usually are bonus terms. These terms prohibit players from certain online slot games or bet sizes. Online casinos protect themselves from abusive behaviour with these. We strongly advise you to ALWAYS take a look at the bonus terms before taking an online casino bonus. Be sure that you agree with these terms before depositing, otherwise you will just be frustrated and that’s no fun.

Breaching bonus terms is a massive reason for an online casino to void your winnings. So be sure to never breach them if you play with an online casino bonus.

What’s the best online casino bonus?

Many of you will ask the question „But what is the best online casino bonus?“ And truth be told, there is no answer to this question. Something like a „tailored“ online casino bonus where you can choose your terms, bonus amount etc. is something you will probably never see. But there is plenty to choose from.

Every player has to decide for themselves which bonus they prefer. Some are fine with a 100% Casino Bonus, some might want at least a 200% Casino Bonus. And then there are of course people who don’t even want to play with a bonus because they don’t like the system. But even for those there are Cashback and Rakeback offers which reward players who don’t want to play with an casino bonus. There is so much to compare and choose from.

Gamble responsibly

Gambling is supposed to be a fun free time activity and a way to kill boredom. But once the fun stops, the gambling has to stop. Otherwise gambling will lead to frustration and frustration will lead to anger. Here are some tips for safe gambling:

#1: Don’t think of gambling as a way to make money

If you deposit anything into an online casino, consider it lost. Don’t think of it as an easy way to become rich.

#2: Only gamble with money you can afford to lose

Pretty self-explanatory. You should never gamble with money you know you need for your daily life. Also you should never borrow money to gamble of course.

#3: Set a money and time limit in advance

Setting yourself a limit can help you keep track of the money and time you spent. Most online casinos offer deposit limits, some even time limits. Be sure to make use of it if you’re afraid of losing too much.

#4: Never chase your losses

This is one of the most important tips. Chasing losses can and most likely will result in even more losses. Most of the time it’s not worth depositing more to get your losses back.

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