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WSM Casino Review

After thoroughly reviewing WSM Casino we rated it 9.44 out of 10. We came to the conclusion that it’s an amazing casino to play at. Our review included WSM Casino’s withdrawal and verification speed, withdrawal limits, license, customer support, user friendliness, terms and conditions, bonus terms and other factors.

Welcome to WSM Casino. This innovative online gaming platform is where the dynamic world of Wall Street meets the excitement of casino entertainment. Named after Wall Street Memes, WSM Casino offers a unique gaming experience. It captivates both financial enthusiasts and casino lovers alike.

In this comprehensive review, we’ll explore the diverse aspects of WSM Casino. These include its extensive game library, enticing bonuses and promotions, and versatile payment options. We’ll also look at dedicated customer support, seamless mobile compatibility, and robust security measures. Our aim is to provide a thorough overview of what players can expect when they step into the vibrant world of WSM Casino.

From the bustling energy of the trading floor to the spinning reels of the slot machines, WSM Casino merges two seemingly different worlds. Whether you’re a seasoned trader looking for some leisure or a casino aficionado with an interest in the financial markets, WSM Casino has something to offer. Join us as we delve into the features and services that make WSM Casino stand out in the crowded online gaming landscape.

WSM Casino: Welcome Bonus, Offers, and Promotions

WSM Casino extends a warm welcome to its new players with a structured bonus system designed to reward you as you play. Let’s break down how these offers work, including the unique increment system of the welcome bonus and the specifics of other promotions.

Welcome Offer: Structured for Extended Play

The welcome bonus at WSM Casino is not just a one-time boost but a series of rewards that unfold as you play:

  • 200% Bonus up to $25,000: Upon making your first deposit, you’re eligible for up to a 200% bonus, with a cap at $25,000.
  • Incremental Release: The bonus is released in 20% increments. For every six times the initial deposit amount is wagered, 20% of the bonus amount is unlocked and added to your account.
  • Max Bet: A maximum bet of $5 applies when wagering with bonus funds.
  • Wagering Requirement: There’s a unique approach to wagering; instead of a total amount, the release of the bonus is tied to the frequency of wagering the deposit amount.
  • Duration: Players have 14 days from the first deposit to meet the wagering requirements and unlock the full bonus potential.

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Monday Reload: Boost Your Week

Start each week on a high note with the Monday Reload promotion, offering a bonus on your first deposit of the day:

  • Up to 50% Bonus: The bonus percentage depends on your deposit amount, encouraging players to kickstart their week with extra funds.
    • Deposit $50-$199 for a 30% bonus.
    • Deposit $200-$499 for a 40% bonus.
    • Deposit $500-$1000 for a 50% bonus.
  • Fixed Bonus for High Deposits: Deposits exceeding $1000 will receive a fixed bonus of $500.
  • Wagering Requirement: A 35x wagering requirement applies to the bonus amount, which must be fulfilled within 5 days from receiving the bonus.

Leap Year Promo: Seize the Moment

This unique promotion celebrates Leap Year with special offers available only on February 29th:

  • 29 Free Spins: Enjoy 29 free spins on Book of Tut, with no deposit required.
  • 100% Deposit Bonus: Double your deposit up to $1,000 with a minimum deposit of $29.
  • Wagering Requirement for Free Spins: Winnings from the free spins must be wagered 50x within 7 days.

General Promotion Terms

  • Game Contributions: Contributions towards wagering requirements vary by game category, with slots contributing 100% and other categories like live game shows and sports bets contributing at lower rates.
  • Exclusions: Some games are excluded from contributing to wagering requirements. It’s essential to consult the Bonus Terms and Conditions for a complete list.
  • Promotion Management: WSM Casino reserves the right to modify or cancel promotions at any time, ensuring fairness and compliance.

Understanding the structure and terms of these promotions allows players to maximize their benefits at WSM Casino. The incremental bonus release of the welcome offer provides a sustained benefit, rewarding consistent play, while the Monday Reload and Leap Year Promo offer timely boosts to enhance your gaming experience.

WSM Casino: How Trustworthy is it?

When it comes to online casinos, the trust factor plays a crucial role in deciding where to play. WSM Casino, operated by MIBS N.V., stands out not just for its engaging Wall Street Memes theme but also for its reliability and the solid reputation of its managing company. Let’s delve into what makes WSM Casino a trustworthy choice for online gaming enthusiasts.

Licensing and Regulation

WSM Casino operates under the regulatory oversight of MIBS N.V., a company registered and established under the laws of Curaçao. The casino’s operations are legitimized by a sublicense issued pursuant to Master Gaming License #365/JAZ by the Governor of Curaçao. This regulatory framework ensures that WSM Casino adheres to strict standards of fairness, security, and responsible gaming.

Sister Casinos: A Testament to Reliability

The trustworthiness of WSM Casino is further bolstered by its association with established sister casinos under the MIBS N.V. umbrella: CoinKings Casino and Betiro Casino. These casinos have already carved niches for themselves in the online gaming world, known for their user-friendly interfaces, diverse gaming portfolios, and commitment to player satisfaction. The positive reputation of these sister sites lends credibility to WSM Casino, indicating a consistent level of quality and reliability across the board.

Security Measures and Fair Play

WSM Casino employs state-of-the-art security measures to protect player data and transactions. SSL encryption technology ensures that all information exchanged between the player and the casino is kept confidential and secure from third-party access. Additionally, the casino’s commitment to fair play is evident through the use of RNG (Random Number Generator) technology, ensuring that game outcomes are entirely random and unbiased.

WSM Casino’s operation under the reputable MIBS N.V., along with its association with well-established sister sites like CoinKings Casino and Betiro Casino, establishes a strong foundation of trust. The casino’s adherence to regulatory standards, commitment to security and fair play, and transparent communication channels all contribute to making WSM Casino a reliable and trustworthy choice for online gaming. Players can enjoy a diverse range of games and promotions with the assurance that they are engaging with a secure and fair online casino.

WSM Casino: Registration Process

Embarking on your gaming journey at WSM Casino is straightforward and quick, ensuring you can dive into the action without delay. Here’s a step-by-step guide to the registration process, designed to get you up and running in no time.

Step 1: Access the Registration Form

To begin, locate the “Register” button situated at the top right corner of the homepage. Alternatively, you can use our direct link to WSM Casino, which will take you straight to the registration form. This convenience ensures you’re just a few clicks away from a world of gaming excitement.

Step 2: Fill in Your Details

Once you’re on the registration page, you’ll be prompted to enter some basic information to set up your account. This includes:

  • Email: Provide a valid email address that you have access to. This will be crucial for account verification and communication with the casino.
  • Password: Choose a strong, secure password to protect your account. Make sure it’s something you can remember but hard for others to guess.
  • Terms and Conditions: It’s essential to read and accept the terms and conditions of WSM Casino. This ensures you’re informed about the casino’s policies and your rights as a player.
  • Promotional Offers: There’s an optional checkbox for players who wish to receive promotional offers. If you’re interested in staying updated on bonuses and promotions, make sure to tick this box.

Step 3: Confirm Your Registration

After entering your details and agreeing to the terms (and optionally, promotional offers), look for the “Confirm” button located just below these options. Clicking this button finalizes your registration process.

Step 4: Welcome to WSM Casino

Congratulations! You’ve successfully completed the registration process and are now a member of WSM Casino. With your account set up, you’re ready to explore the vast array of games available and start your gaming adventure.

This simple and efficient registration process at WSM Casino ensures that players can quickly get to the fun part: playing. With just a few clicks, you’re ready to enjoy everything WSM Casino has to offer. From its extensive game library to exciting promotions.

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WSM Casino: Customer Support

In the dynamic world of online gaming, the importance of robust customer support cannot be overstated. A reliable support system not only enhances the player experience but also instills a sense of trust and security. Which lets the customer know, that help is readily available whenever needed. WSM Casino recognizes this and offers comprehensive support channels to address any queries or concerns players might have.

Live Chat Availability: 24/7

For immediate assistance, WSM Casino’s Live Chat service is your go-to option. Available around the clock, this service ensures that help is just a click away, any time of the day or night. Whether you’re facing a technical glitch, have a question about a game, or need clarification on a promotion, the Live Chat feature provides instant access to a friendly and knowledgeable support agent. To access Live Chat, simply click on the chat icon located on every page of the casino’s website.

Email Support: Quick and Competent

For more detailed inquiries or when you need to send documents, email support is available through support@wsmcasino.com. This channel is ideal for non-urgent matters that require a thorough explanation or documentation. While responses may not be as instant as Live Chat, WSM Casino is committed to providing timely and helpful replies to all email communications, ensuring that your concerns are addressed comprehensively.

FAQ Section: Small but might be Helpfull

For quick answers to common questions, the FAQ section is a valuable resource. Located in the footer of WSM Casino’s website, covering a wide range of topics. From account registration and deposits to rules and bonus terms, the FAQ is the first stop before the customer support. It’s worth checking the FAQ section, as you might find the information you need without waiting for a response.

WSM Casino’s commitment to excellent customer support is evident in its multiple support channels, each designed to cater to different needs and preferences. Whether you prefer the immediacy of Live Chat, the detail-oriented nature of email, or the self-service convenience of the FAQ section, WSM Casino ensures that you have the support you need to enjoy a seamless gaming experience.

WSM Casino: Feature Overview

In the ever-evolving landscape of online casinos, standing out requires more than just a vast selection of games or flashy promotions. It’s the unique features that cater to player preferences and create a personalized gaming experience that truly distinguishes a casino. WSM Casino understands this and introduces innovative features that not only enhance gameplay but also deepen player engagement.

Game of the Week

Unlock a New Adventure Every Week: WSM Casino elevates the excitement with its “Game of the Week” feature, offering players a fresh adventure with the chance to earn free spins on a different game every week. This week, step into the underworld of “King of Mafia” by One Touch, where strategy and luck could yield lucrative rewards.

How It Works – The Mission System:

  • Mission 1: Start your journey by opting in for Mission 1 in the Loyalty widget. Wager $250 on “King of Mafia” to unlock 50 free spins.
  • Mission 2: Continue the momentum without needing to opt-in again. After completing Mission 1, wager another $250 to unlock an additional 50 free spins.
  • Mission 3: Complete the trilogy by wagering yet another $250 after Mission 2 to claim your final set of 50 free spins.

Terms and Conditions: This campaign is designed to reward the daring, with missions running from Wednesday to Sunday every week. Participation requires opting in and wagering on the designated game, with progress tracked in real-time. Free spins are instantly credited upon mission completion, subject to x35 wagering requirements.

$WSM Token and Staking Feature

The introduction of the $WSM token represents a groundbreaking step in online casino gaming. Detailed in the comprehensive WSM Casino Whitepaper, the WSM token is more than just a cryptocurrency; it’s an integral part of the casino’s ecosystem, offering unique benefits and opportunities for players.

Staking for Rewards:

One of the most compelling features of the WSM token is the staking mechanism. Players can stake their WSM tokens directly on the WSM Casino platform, unlocking a range of benefits, including enhanced bonuses, exclusive access to games, and participation in special promotions. This staking feature not only rewards players for their loyalty but also deepens their engagement with the casino’s offerings. The Casino claims an estimate of 33% in rewards for staking, calculated on a daily basis. Please note that the staking process freezes all currently staked $WSM tokens from the staker.

Innovative Concept: Worth increases while playing

Players can check at any time what the casino makes in profits and even check past times for specific informations. While this is pretty transparent from WSM Casino, it’s also nicely illustrated with graphical statistics shown and updated in real-time.

The transparity is cleverly used for the WSM Casino’s theme, by representing the graphs and stats just like the Wall Street. It got also combined to show the player that WSM Casino meets the promises of buying $WSM token for at least 10% of the casinos net-gained-revenue. Which is a great way to show trust and support for the houseown currency and also increases the worth of the token. There are also timeframes explained for burn events where some $WSM token get burned to increase the value of the token for all holders. On top of that, the casino offers to match your personal burns (if you decide to) by a 1:1 rate.

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WSM Casino: Design and Navigation

The website’s design cleverly embraces a minimalist aesthetic, prominently featuring a white background paired with black text for clear readability. Enhancing this clean look are playful cartoon memes in black, scattered throughout the site, including on various options and banners. This choice of design elements not only adds a touch of whimsy but also complements the site’s navigation structure. The integration of these visual aspects results in a user-friendly interface that is both engaging and easy to navigate, making for an enjoyable browsing experience.

Upcoming Features:

There is a VIP System announced in the whitepaper document, while this is not yet in place it looks interesting as shown. There are also sub menus in the sidebar for “Perps” and “Lootboxes”, the later is selfexplanatory while the first one might be the VIP system, but those are marked as comming soon. With enticing features like there are in place at the moment plus the upcomming vip system and lootboxes, we can not tell if the upcomming rewards are woth it. Butwhat we can tell is, it’s definately worth a look for the system already in place.

By leveraging blockchain technology, WSM Casino is setting new standards for transparency, security, and player benefits. The WSM token and its associated staking feature exemplify how WSM Casino is innovating within the gaming industry, offering players a stake in the casino’s success and a more immersive gaming experience.

WSM Casino: Deposits, Withdrawals, and Verification Process

As crypto casinos becomming more and more popular, WSM Casino not only has it’s own crypto currency, it also only accepts crypto currencys in general. Let’s look on the payment policys  and what currencys are supported and what is required for the verification.

Payment Methods:

WSM Casino, as mentioned above, only supports crypto currencys. The complete list includes at the time of this review the following crypto coins and token:

  • $WSM – The houses own crypto casino token
  • BTC
  • ETH
  • USDT
  • USDC
  • LTC
  • BNB
  • XRP
  • TRX
  • ADA
  • SOL
  • BCH
  • BONK
  • PEPE

Deposit Process:

Deposits are a breeze, as WSM Casino is a pure crypto casino. You should only choose to play here if you already have some experience in this space. There is an option to buy and deposit crypto funds instantly via a credit card service of a third party. This third party service is called moonpay and is very usual amongst crypto casinos to be offered. However, with that being said you should look on the withdrawal article just below, since withdrawals will only work in crypto. Deposits will, of course, take the required block confirmations to be credited.


As just mentioned, withdrawals can only be initiated in the crypto currency you play with. So if you decide to play at WSM Casino, you should at least know the absolute basics of crypto transactions. With that being said, withdrawals are usually processed within a few hours but can reach up to 24 hours for processing. There is a monthly withdrawal limit of €500.000 or equivalent in place, but the terms claim they might pay more decided on a case-by-case basis.

Verification Process:

There are lots of crypto casinos that allow players to deposit and withdraw funds without the need to verify the account. However, WSM Casino might require verification for withdrawals on higher sums. While this procedure is not guaranteed, we will still quickly explain what you need to verify your account.

  1. Visit your player profile and fill in your personal details (accurate).
  2. This process requires you to fill in your full adress and personal informations like your date of birth and telephone number.

Following up on this, you can now visit the livechat and submit your documents to verify your account.

The documents required are:

  • ID/Driver’s license (front and back)/Passport
  • A Selfie of you holding the document (ID etc.)
  • Proof of Address, issued within the last 3 months.

The verification should be instantly done by the team but might take some hours if there is something to be re-checked.

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WSM Casino: Slot Games, Live Casino, and Sportsbetting

For any online casino to captivate and retain players, presenting a broad and diverse array of gaming options is crucial. Let’s delve into what WSM Casino has in store across its online slots, casino games, and sports betting offerings.

Slot Game Selection: Wide and Varied

WSM Casino’s slot selection is a veritable playground for slot fans. With a collection over 3,000 titles, the casino offers an interesting mix from top-tier providers like Pragmatic Play, Relax Gaming, Hacksaw Gaming, Thunderkick, among others. Players can explore a wide variety of themes and formats, from the thrill of modern video slots to the charm of classic slots, each packed with unique features and engaging gameplay.

WSM Casino: Top Live Casino Experience

The live casino section at WSM Casino stands as a beacon of real-time gaming excitement. It invites players to immersive tables of live blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and more, all hosted by professional dealers. Powered by giants such as Evolution Gaming and Pragmatic Play Live, the live casino offers an authentic casino atmosphere. Enriched with interactive elements and high-definition streaming. Additionally, players can enjoy popular game shows like Monopoly Live and Treasure Hunt Live. Those type of casino gameshows adding to the variety of live entertainment options.

Comprehensive Sports Betting Platform

For sports betting aficionados, WSM Casino’s sportsbook is both extensive and compelling. It spans a wide range of sports, from football and basketball to tennis, providing a plethora of betting opportunities. The platform is designed for ease of use, offering both pre-match and in-play betting with competitive odds and real-time updates, ensuring bettors have all the information they need for an engaging betting session.

WSM Casino’s diverse offerings guarantee a rich and varied gaming experience for every player. Whether it’s diving into the vast selection of slots, experiencing the thrill of the live casino, or placing bets in the sportsbook. WSM Casino delivers a comprehensive suite of gaming options that promise endless entertainment and excitement to everyone.

WSM Casino: Conclusion

Concluding our exploration of WSM Casino, it’s clear that this platform stands out in the crowded online gaming landscape. With its unique Wall Street Memes theme, WSM Casino offers a refreshing twist on traditional online gambling. The casino’s extensive game library, featuring a wide array of slots, live casino games, and a comprehensive sportsbook. Ensuring this way, that there’s something for every type of player.

The welcome bonus and ongoing promotions at WSM Casino are thoughtfully designed. They enhance the gaming experience, providing players with ample opportunities to boost their playtime and potential winnings. The innovative use of the $WSM token and the staking feature further enriches the player experience. Which all-in-all, offers unique rewards and additionally engagement opportunities.

Trustworthiness is a cornerstone of WSM Casino, backed by the reputable management of MIBS N.V. and the solid reputations of sister sites like CoinKings Casino and Betiro Casino. This, combined with robust security measures and a commitment to fair play, ensures that players can enjoy their gaming experience. All in a secure and reliable environment.

The registration process at WSM Casino is streamlined and user-friendly, allowing players to quickly dive into the action. Customer support is readily available through multiple channels, ensuring that help is always at hand when needed. The site’s design and navigation are thoughtfully crafted, providing an enjoyable and intuitive user experience.

In conclusion, WSM Casino offers a compelling blend of entertainment, innovation, and security. Whether you’re drawn to the allure of the financial markets or the thrill of casino games, WSM Casino provides a unique platform where both worlds converge. With its engaging features, generous promotions, and wide range of gaming options, WSM Casino is becomming a favorite among players. Especially those, seeking a distinctive and rewarding online gaming experience.

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WSM Casino Bonus

200% up to €25,000

1st deposit bonus
Minimum deposit: No MInimum Deposit
Max cashout: Unlimited
Wagering requirements: 10% bonus per 6x deposit wager
Maximum bet: €5
Bonus expiration: 14 days
Non sticky deposit bonus

How to get the bonus?

Opt-in in account

WSM Casino Community Rating