Play'n Go Casinos

When we talk about online software providers there is one provider we can’t leave out. We’re talking about Play’n Go. The Swedish online software provider counts to one of the most known and most played in online casino history. Play’n Go is responsible for the pretty much most known online slot game called Book of Dead, which is mainly the reason why Play’n Go has been so successful on the online casino market. Additionally, Play’n Go als function as sponsors for various projects, for example the MoneyGram Haas F1 Team.

Let’s take a close look at what made Play’n Go the online casino provider that it is today. We will take a look at some of their most famous releases, as well as their history and elaborate what we like about Play’n Go and what not. So let’s waste no time and dig deep.

The History of Play’n Go

From a historical standpoint, Play’n Go has come a long way since its establishment in 2005. Throughout the years, they have continuously evolved and adapted to meet the ever-changing demands of the market. This adaptability has played a crucial role in their success, allowing them to remain relevant and competitive in the fast-paced world of online gaming.

One of the defining characteristics of Play’n Go is their unwavering commitment to innovation. They constantly push the boundaries of what is possible in online gaming, introducing new features and mechanics that have captivated players worldwide. Their willingness to take creative risks has been a driving force behind their popularity and influence in the industry.

Another remarkable aspect of Play’n Go’s history is their global reach. Their games are enjoyed by players in countless countries, and their impact on the international gaming scene cannot be overstated. This widespread appeal is a testament to the universal charm of Play’n Go.

With that being said, the history of Play’n Go is a true testament to their relentless pursuit of excellence, innovation, and global influence. Their journey from a fledgling software provider to a powerhouse in the iGaming world is a story of dedication, creativity, and triumph. And Play’n Go is far away from done. We and players around the world cannot wait to see what this company can and will do in the future.

Notable Play’n Go Games

Play’n Go has a whole pallet of online slot games to offer. We have picked out a few that are very beloved among players and are representitive of what Play’n Go stands for.

Book of Dead

How could we not mention the game that has put Play’n Go on the map? Book of Dead is probably one of, if not the most played online slot game of Play’n Go, maybe even in all of iGaming history. But how did Book of Dead become such a massive success? This is actually rather simple. During its first release in 2016, many players were not used to playing “book” games online. The only option would have been to play something like Book of Ra in land-based casinos, since the original Book of Ra by Novomatic was not widely available online. That wasn’t the case for Play’n Go however. The online software provider was already featured in many online casinos, so it wouldn’t be a surprise that Book of Dead would most likely be a massive success. An easy-to-understand slot game paired with great visual and audible design was bound to become one of the favourite choices of players.


Another one of Play’n Go’s most famous online slot games is Reactoonz. In this game you are confronted with a 7 times 7 grid filled with various different alien-like monsters. Your goal is to fill all 5 bars in the top right and awaken the Gargantoon, the scariest monster of them all. Well, not so scary anymore if you consider that the Gargantoon has become the mascot of the Play’n Go company. A little fun fact, although Reactoonz is part of the Reactoonz series, it is already the second installment and had a spiritual predecessor called Energoonz, which didn’t do as well as its successor did. But given that the series was named after the second installment should already give you an idea of how popular Reactoonz was and still is. The series already holds 6 different games, and we’re pretty sure that it will be continued for a long time.

Legacy of Dead

Despite its pretty similar name to Book of Dead, this one is actually not officially part of a series. Although these games are pretty similar to be honest. In its basic core, Legacy of Dead and Book of Dead work the same way. Hit at least 3 scatters, get a random symbol and this symbol will expand on the reels. Simple stuff. But Legacy of Dead brought another twist with it. This twist being: if you re-trigger the bonus game in Legacy of Dead, you will be granted another expanding symbol. Legacy of Dead was yet again a variant of a game that was not commonly found amongst online software providers. Play’n Go have managed to popularize another game variant that was almost exclusive to land-based casinos. Although we admit that this was probably only a question of time, and Play’n Go have managed to be the quickest to do so.

Moon Princess

Moon Princess is another grid game that has conquered the hearts of players by storm. No pun intended, because the three protagonists of this game are Love, Star and Storm. Three anime girls that could have come directly out of the world of Sailor Moon, which was probably the inspiration for the design of this game. Moon Princess is a 5 times 5 grid game with absolutely wild game mechanics and features that can be a bit tough to understand if you play it the first time. In theory these game mechanics are easy: Get a combination of 3 of the same symbol horizontally or vertically and you will get a Moon Wild symbol. Get a combination of more than 3 and you won’t. It really only gets complicated once you get a combination of the girls, since they have a unique interaction. What probably made Moon Princess so popular was not only its game mechanics and design, but also the choices you can make. Moon Princess comes with 3 unique features to choose from, resembling the protagonists of the game. Each of them has its own unique game mechanic and ways to help you win big.


Last on the list we have another reason Play’n Go have risen in popularity over the past years. Hammerfall is one of the many branded slot games by the Swedish online software provider. Together with the band Hammerfall they have created an online slot game that has yet to meet a rival. With a stunning maximum win cap of 30,000 times your bet size, Hammerfall is one of the most volatile slot games by Play’n Go. Rightfully so, because winning big is very hard in this game, but the risk is worth the reward. Hammerfall is played on a 7 times 7 grid with various symbols from jewels to shields and knight’s helmets. Your goal is to charge up the hammer in the upper left so it may fall down and activate the Song feature of your current world. After that, you will change the world and another Song feature will replace the old one. Overcharging the hammer will give you all 3 Song features in a row in a single spin, which can lead to massive wins. Hammerfall is one of the most hard hitting game of Play’n Go and definitely worth a try. But as we mentioned, beware its volatility.

What we like about Play’n Go

There are several reasons why Play’n Go has claimed one of its top spots in the iGaming industry. We want to examine some of these reasons and tell you what we like about the online software provider.

Beautifully designed slot games

One thing Play’n Go does excel at is the design choices. It is almost impossible to find an online slot game by Play’n Go that is not pleasant to the eye. The Swedish online software provider is always eager to up their game and put more creativity into their online slot games. Superb graphics and a wonderful audio design both with in-game symbols and background music have played a major role in the success of Play’n Go.

Innovative game ideas

Over the last few years Play’n Go have proven that their imagination has no limits. Which is almost frightening, considering the pace Play’n Go puts out new games. You can expect a new game on a weekly basis, and often these games feature interesting game mechanics or combinations of game mechanics you would have never thought work well. Or they create entirely new game mechanics or ways of winning by combining things. There are no limits to the great minds over at the Swedish online software studio, and we love to see that.

Few clones

Where we really raise our hats to Play’n Go is the fact that although they put out game after game week after week the Swedish studio does in fact have not that many clones compared to other online software providers. For those of you who don’t know what a clone is, it is basically a reskin of an older slot game with different graphics or colours. Clones usually don’t introduce any new game mechanic and just take the old one. To be fair, Play’n Go do take a lot of old game mechanics and implement them in some way, shape or form in other games. But most of the time these game mechanics are not just 100% copied. Often they can be found altered, best example would be the difference between Book of Dead and Legacy of Dead, or Prism of Gems and Shimmering Woods. We’re not saying that Play’n Go has no clones, because that’s just not true, but the amount of clones is on a very low basis.

What we don’t like about Play’n Go

There is nothing like the perfect online software provider, so it’s just natural that there are things that we not really like about Play’n Go. Here are some things we wish would change some day.

Conservative approach

The way Play’n Go approaches their game design is very conservative. Not in a way that they only publish classic 3-reel slot games or something like that, but more like that they don’t want (or can?) implement additional options for betting. So something like for example a bonus buy feature or an extra bet option is something we have not yet seen from Play’n Go. And to be honest, we doubt that we will ever see it. But what are the reasons for that? If we look at other online software providers, such things like extra bet or bonus buy fare pretty well and are a welcome addition to some online slot games. As for the reasons why Play’n Go haven’t implemented such features in their games yet remains a mystery. Maybe they can’t add it or they just don’t want to. But these are just speculations.


Play’n Go seems to have pretty heavy issues when it comes to their server stability? While it heavily depends on time of day and server usage, on some days the servers seem to suffer from the heavy load of players that want to access them. This can also be seen by the fact that you shouldn’t be AFK too long when playing any Play’n Go game as they don’t take much time to kick you out of a game if you don’t perform an action for 3 to 5 minutes. This can be extremely annoying if you for example turn on auto spins, go to toilet, trigger a bonus, come back just to see that you have received a bonus and have been kicked out of the game. While it is not too bad, since your game rounds are of course saved, it is just annoying to load the game anew.

Should I play games from Play’n Go?

We can say without a doubt that Play’n Go have earned their top spot in the iGaming industry. With their phenomenal selection of games featuring all kinds of themes and their wonderful designs we would definitely recommend that you try some games. And as we have mentioned, Play’n Go also features a lot of branded slot games, for example Sabaton, ZZ Top Roads to Riches, Alice Cooper and the Tome of Madness or KISS Reels of Rock. That’s only half of what Play’n Go has to offer, so be sure to explore many of their awesome online slot games. Now if you’re someone who likes to add a bit of spice to their game through features like extra bets or bonus buys you will most likely not have a good time with Play’n Go as they do not offer such features. Maybe they will in the future but currently no online slot game of this provider can be found with these features.

With that being said, we admire the work Play’n Go put into their games and most of the time we look forward to future releases of the Swedish studio. We also love to see their engagement in sports such as Formula 1 and maybe other sports in the future, and can’t wait to see what milestone lie ahead in the history of Play’n Go.