Online Casinos with Curacao Casino Licence

When selecting an online casino to play at, one of the crucial factors to consider is its license. Similar to other official products or online offerings, holding a license significantly enhances the credibility of the product, thereby increasing its appeal to customers. This principle is equally applicable to online casino offerings, with licensing being essentially mandatory for online casinos.

Among the most widely issued and sought-after licenses is the Curacao eGaming license, which is granted by the Curacao Gambling Control Board. Let’s explore the reasons behind the prevalence of the Curacao eGaming License and the distinctive qualities of being licensed under it.

The history of the Curacao eGaming License

The history of the Curacao eGaming License is a testament to its long-standing presence in the online gambling industry. Dating back to 1996, the license was initially introduced as “Cyberluck,” making it one of the pioneering licensing bodies within the realm of online gambling. This early establishment laid the foundation for what would become a vital regulatory framework for the industry.

The Curacao eGaming License was first issued by Master license holders, which are private companies granted gambling rights by the government of Curaçao. In 1999, the Curaçao Gaming Control Board (GCB) was established as a foundation with the specific purpose of becoming the regulator for the gambling industry, overseeing the licensing and regulation of online gambling operators.

Subsequently, in 2001, the Curaçao Online Gambling Association was formed with the objective of ensuring that all betting companies operating under the Curacao eGaming License adhere to the rules and regulations set by the government. This association played a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and standards of online gambling operations.

Throughout its history, the Curacao eGaming License has undergone evolution and adaptation, reflecting the dynamic nature of the online gambling landscape. The government already started to implement stricter licensing requirements from September 1, 2023, signaling a new chapter in the regulation of online gambling in Curaçao. These changes are poised to have a significant impact on the Curacao gambling industry, shaping its future trajectory.

In summary, the history of the Curacao eGaming License is marked by its enduring presence, regulatory advancements, and pivotal role in overseeing online gambling activities in Curaçao.

What makes the Curacao eGaming License special?

The Curacao eGaming License holds significance in the online gambling industry for several reasons, making it special in various aspects. There are several reasons why the Curacao eGaming License is the preferred license to get for operators. Here’s a list of things that really underline the specialty of the Curacao eGaming License.

Established Presence

The license has a long-standing history, dating back to 1996, demonstrating its enduring presence and experience in regulating online gambling activities. This established background provides a sense of reliability and stability for both operators and players in the industry.


The Curacao eGaming License is known for its accessibility to a wide range of online gambling operators, catering to diverse gaming platforms and services. This inclusivity has contributed to its widespread adoption across the global online gambling market. It is also worth mentioning that the Curacao eGaming License is actually a very cost-efficient option for operators.

Regulatory Framework

The licensing framework set by the Curacao eGaming authority incorporates specific regulations and standards that operators must adhere to. This framework aims to ensure fair gaming practices, responsible conduct, and player protection, enhancing the credibility of licensed operators.


The licensing process under the Curacao eGaming authority offers a degree of flexibility to operators, enabling them to leverage the license for various online gambling activities, including casino games, sports betting, and more. This adaptability has made the license attractive to a broad spectrum of online gambling enterprises.

International Recognition

While the Curacao eGaming License is issued by the government of Curacao, it has garnered international recognition and acceptance within the online gambling community. This widespread acknowledgment has contributed to its appeal among operators seeking a reputable regulatory framework. In the past, the Curacao eGaming License has been infamous for their loose regulations as well as missing compliance and auditing. This has changed over the course of the years, with the regulations tightening.

Innovative Approach

The Curacao eGaming authority continuously evolves its regulatory approach to align with industry developments, technological advancements, and changing consumer needs. This proactive stance reflects a commitment to staying abreast of industry trends and fostering a conducive environment for online gambling operations.

Overall, the combination of its established legacy, adaptable framework, and international recognition collectively positions the Curacao eGaming License as a distinctive and influential regulatory authority within the global online gambling landscape.

The best Curacao eGaming License Online Casinos

There are thousands and thousand online casino on the current market that hold the Curacao eGaming License. To help you pick out the best, we have made a list of online casinos we think are the best Curacao eGaming License online casinos currently available.

Stake Casino

The Stake Casino is highly regarded as one of the best online casinos available today, attracting players from around the world. Its appeal lies in a combination of outstanding promotions, a diverse selection of high-quality games, and social features such as a platform-wide chat function. Moreover, the casino upholds high standards of user convenience, security, and swift deposits and withdrawals. The Stake Casino is owned and operated by Medium Rare N.V. and acts under the Curacao eGaming License since 2017.

The online casino’s notable features include a compelling VIP system with 12 levels, offering various benefits such as Level Up Rewards, Weekly and Monthly Bonuses, and Rakeback. Advancing through the VIP levels is straightforward – players simply need to play their favorite games and watch their loyalty bar fill up with every bet made.

Another significant aspect of the Stake Casino is its identity as a pure crypto casino, allowing only cryptocurrency deposits and gameplay. While it is possible to directly purchase cryptocurrencies at the casino, it is advisable to use official crypto exchanges due to high transaction fees.

Given its exclusive use of cryptocurrencies, the Stake Casino presents several advantages, including the ability for players to use a VPN on the site, granting access to geo-blocked games that would typically be inaccessible. Additionally, withdrawals are processed almost instantly and automatically, making the Stake Casino one of the fastest-paying online casinos on the market. The only potential delay in receiving winnings arises from blockchain confirmations needed to send cryptocurrencies, setting it apart from other casinos with such rapid withdrawal capabilities.

K8 Casino

Another fine example for an online casino that rightfully deserves to be called one of the best on the current market is the K8 Casino. The online casino operated by Westward Way Tech N.V. can look back on over a decade of iGaming history since its first appearance in 2013. Just like all the other entries on this list, it is licensed under the Curacao eGaming License.

Thanks to the status of a pure crypto casino, the K8 Casino offers several features that would otherwise not be possible. As a friendly reminder, being a pure crypto casino means that an online casino will only allow cryptocurrencies to be used for deposits and withdrawals. Technically you can use fiat currency to purchase cryptocurrencies right through the online casino, however, we do not recommend this as the transaction fees for this are fairly high. Stick to official crypto exchanges instead.

One of the key features of being a sole crypto casino are the withdrawal times. They are not as fast as the Stake Casino, but still faster than many other competitors on the crypto casino market. When requesting a withdrawal, it will only take a few minutes until your request has been processed and your cryptocurrency is on its way to your wallet. The only thing slowing this down are confirmations on the blockchain which cannot be avoided. This paired with absolutely no withdrawal limits whatsoever makes for a very pleasant user experience in terms of withdrawals.

Another big advantage of the K8 Casino’s status as a crypto casino is the use of VPN. VPNs or Virtual Private Networks will cover your true location, so that you can pretend to be connected from another country. This will maximize the safety of your data as well as allow you to play online casino games that would usually be geo-blocked from your region. The K8 Casino is an exception though, as most online casinos will not allow you to use these kinds of tools.

The K8 Casino is definitely one of the oldest Curacao eGaming licensed online casinos you will currently find on the online casino market. Because of their long history in the iGaming industry of over 10 years, players will most likely enjoy their time at the K8 Casino, if they also enjoy cryptocurrencies that is.

King Billy Casino

Another fine example for an online casino with a more-than-great reputation under the Curacao eGaming License is the King Billy Casino. This online casino is owned and operated by Dama N.V. and marks one of their oldest online casinos to this date. The King Billy Casino is active on the casino market since 2017 and can look back at a lot of experience and gained trust of a lot of avid players worldwide.

One of the top qualities of the King Billy Casino is its dedication to player satisfaction. This includes a top notch support team that is very competent and tries to solve your issues and questions as fast as possible. But it also includes very fast withdrawals and verification. Every withdrawal and verification will be processed within 24 hours, but usually it will be much faster with that. The King Billy Casino also comes with fine withdrawal limits, so you won’t have to worry that you need to wait ages for your won money to arrive.

Another favourable aspect for the King Billy Casino is its vast amount of online casino games it offers. At the King Billy Casino you will be able to play thousands of online casino games from famous and renown online software providers, including NetEnt, Hacksaw Gaming, Big Time Gaming, Play’n Go and many more. It also holds a collection of smaller online software studios that are eager to present their games to you. And if you feel like playing a few classic table games, you can also do that at the King Billy Casino. The online casino licensed under the Curacao eGaming License offers a lot of options for table games, including ones with live dealers.

Be aware that there are two different versions of the King Billy Casino. The online casino operates under the same name with different licenses. One is licensed under the Curacao eGaming License, while the other one is licensed under the MGA License and might not be available in your region or has different terms of service to comply to the regulations. To check if you’re on the right online casino, scroll all the way down to the bottom and search for either the Curacao eGaming or the MGA sigil.

Curacao eGaming License compared to the MGA License

On the current online casino market you will find loads and loads of licenses. To compare the Curacao eGaming License with each and every of these licenses could fill a whole book, so we decided to compare it to the next best license, which is the MGA License. The MGA acts mostly in Europe and is seen as the most strict and trustworthy online casino license. Let’s see how the Curacao eGaming License fairs to the next best competitor.

Cost and Application Process

The Curacao eGaming License is generally considered more affordable compared to the MGA License. Curacao offers a streamlined application process, making it quicker and more accessible for operators. On the other hand, obtaining an MGA License involves a more comprehensive and rigorous application procedure, which can be more time-consuming and costly. Furthermore, the Curacao eGaming License does not have a rulebook as strict as the MGA License, making compliance of this rulebook much easier.

Geographical Reach

The Curacao eGaming License is widely recognized and accepted globally, making it highly regarded within the online gambling industry. It provides operators with access to a broader market and player base. While the MGA License has gained the highest international recognition, it definitely not has the same level of reach and reputation as the Curacao eGaming License. This is mostly due to the fact that the MGA License usually is only given out to operators that only bring their offers to Europe.

Rules and Regulations

Both licenses have their own regulatory frameworks, but there may be differences in the specific regulations and standards they impose on operators. The MGA License is known for its stringent rules and regulations, ensuring a high level of player protection and responsible gaming practices. The Curacao eGaming License also has its own set of regulations aimed at promoting fair gaming practices and player safety. But as we have mentioned earlier, these rules are not as strict as the ones from the MGA, making it easier for operators to comply to the regulations of the Curacao eGaming License.

Industry Reputation: The MGA License is widely regarded as one of the most reputable and trustworthy licenses in the online gambling industry. Malta is recognized as a reliable location for online gaming, and the MGA’s strict regulations contribute to its credibility. While the Curacao eGaming License has gained recognition, it does not have the same level of industry reputation as the MGA License. Although this has changed in the past few years, with the Curacao eGaming License becoming more and more competitive. This is also because of the stricter and tighter rules and regulations that are being enforced.

It’s important to note that each license has its own advantages and considerations. Operators should carefully evaluate their specific needs, budget, and target market when choosing between the Curacao eGaming License and the MGA License. Of course there are also other licenses on the current online casino market, but both the Curacao eGaming License and the MGA License are the biggest global competitors.

Is the Curacao eGaming License trustworthy?

This is a question that is asked a lot, rightfully so. And we would like to give an answer and explain our point of view. The Curacao eGaming License has been given out to online casinos for several decades now. It has had a history in the iGaming industry for quite a long time and of course has built up a reputation. It is probably the most given out online casino license to this date and thus many online casinos are holding the Curacao eGaming License.

With the amount of online casinos that are licensed under the Curacao eGaming License it should come as no surprise that there are a lot of black sheep that don’t really care about the rules and regulations obliged by Curacao eGaming, which are already more loose than for example the regulations of the MGA License. With that being said, it is not certain that every online casino that holds a Curacao eGaming License is as trustworthy as you think it would be.

Luckily the rules and regulations of the Curacao eGaming License have tightened in the past few years. Additionally, many online casino review portals such as have seen the light of day and online casinos are eager to retain a high review- and user-score. Through this fact alone online casinos licensed by the Curacao eGaming License have become far more desirous of not screwing away their customers by complying to the rules given by Curacao eGaming.

Furthermore, there are a lot of online casino groups that have built up a very good reputation over the past few years. If you want to make sure to get the best possible user experience, definitely check out online casino groups like Dama N.V., Novatech Solutions N.V., Techoptions Group N.V. or MIBS N.V., which are online casino groups that have quite a good reputation, have been tested by us and deemed trustworthy.

To sum it all up, generally speaking, the Curacao eGaming License is in a good state and can definitely seen as way more trustworthy nowadays than a few years ago. With online casino groups that try to retain their good reputation, you will most likely not have to fear anything when it comes to receiving your winnings. It will most likely never be as safe and secure as the MGA License, but it is in a good direction to get close.