Casinos owned by Dama N.V.

When you look for an online casino to play at, it is always worth to look at the casino group, because this can tell a lot about an online casino. If you have played in online casinos over the past few months or even years, you might have come across the Dama N.V. group. Dama N.V. is one of, if not even the biggest online casino group you will find on the current market. The group is responsible for marketing over 100 online casinos, with this number rising every month.

But what actually is the Dama N.V. group? Which are the best casinos they operate? What does the name mean to players? These are some questions we want to take a look at in this informational text. We will tell you everything we know about the online casino groups and give you some reasons why you should or should not play there.

Dama N.V.: Facts and Stats

The company Dama N.V. is located in Curacao, at the Scharlooweg 39 in Willemstad to be more precise. Dama N.V. holds the company registration number 152125 and is licensed under the Curacao eGaming License (No. 8048/JAZ2020-13). It is actually unknown since when exactly the Dama N.V. group started to operate. But we do know for a fact, that there are online casinos, operated under this group, that were established back in the year 2014. So we can safely assume that the Dama N.V. group is a company that has been operating for more than a decade. And this is really remarkable, considering that there are not a lot of online casino groups that survive for this long.

So how is this possible and why is it so important? To be completely honest, breaking down their ability to survive for so long and stay this relevant, is something that could fill whole books. But since we are no experts in terms of online casino marketing, we can only assume. For one, they established lots of online casinos in the early days, where the online casino market was not yet booming. But even to this date, some of these online casinos are still top notch and improved in quality to always meet up to today’s standards. On the other hand, they have also made quite the reputation for themselves over the past years, which has turned out to be rather positive.

Notable Dama N.V. Online Casinos

With the sheer amount of online casinos that are operated and managed by Dama N.V. it can be quite difficult to find the right online casino. But don’t worry, we will give you a list of online casinos we think are perfect for all kinds of players.

King Billy Casino

Whenever you talk about Dama N.V. you need to mention the King Billy Casino. This online casino has been a flag ship of the Dama N.V. group for years now. King Billy has first made its appearance in 2017 and has since then charmed players. To do so, they use a large range of bonus offers and interesting features. And the online casino is expanding its offers from year to year. There is also another interesting fact about the King Billy Casino, as it is licensed under the Curacao eGaming license, but it also has a sister casino under the MGA license.

What makes the King Billy Casino especially worthwhile for players who like to play with bonus offers are the incredibly good bonus conditions. For example, the complete welcome package will only have a wagering requirement of 30 times the bonus amount, and it is not subject to a max cashout rule. Pair this together with a massive amount of games and almost no way to breach the bonus terms and you will most likely have a great time while playing with a bonus.

But the main reason we list it here is because of its longevity and the fast withdrawals and verifications. There is a reason the online casino has stood for quite a while now, and the time it takes to get your money really shows that. Both verification and withdrawals are usually processed within a few hours, and should never take longer than 24 hours.

Playfina Casino

Another one of the online casinos of the Dama N.V. group we have tested extensively is the Playfina Casino. This online casino is actually not that old, considering it has only been up since 2022. But even in this “short” amount of time it has proven that it can hold up against some of the oldest online casinos out there. This online casino is licensed under the Curacao eGaming License.

So why are people playing at the Playfina Casino? This is of course a difficult questions that can barely be answered, as every player has their own reasons to play at an online casino. But if we had to take a guess, we would think of some of the more unique features, like the Challenges feature. In this feature you will need to play online slot games a different way. Be the first one to complete a task and get rewarded. Or listen to this: The Playfina Casino will offer two separate loyalty programs, which have different benefits and rewards.

Besides these features, the Playfina Casino will also offer quite a few bonus offers which you will be able to use. And to round it all off, the online casino will offer you fast withdrawals, an easy verification process and a nice and competent customer support team.

7bit Casino

What started as a pure crypto casino back in 2014 has now become one of the oldest online casinos operated by Dama N.V. for every kind of player. Since the 7Bit Casino has first launched, it has gone through major changes to end up where it is now. And what is it now? A very player-friendly environment with lots of different features. The 7Bit Casino is licensed under the Curacao eGaming License.

Now what makes the 7Bit Casino so special? For us it’s a bunch of things, for example all of its features and bonus offers. The online casino will offer you various weekly and monthly tournaments in which you can participate in. The tournaments will offer you various different ways of playing online slot games, as well as big prize pools of free spins and cash prizes. The 7Bit Casino can also convince with pretty nice bonus offers, like its welcome package. This package will be available for all new players and will include two double-up bonuses.

But also the 7Bit Casino will, just like the other online casinos we talked about, pay you out quickly. This is one of the quality signs of Dama N.V. online casinos, that they process withdrawals pretty quickly. At the 7Bit Casino you will most likely not run into trouble when going through the verification process and requesting withdrawals, as you won’t with most of the other Dama N.V. casinos.


Another prime example of the quality of Dama N.V. online casinos is the Kas Casino. This online casino is very young and was only founded in 2023. But despite being active for such a short time, it already proves that it wants to be among the big players. Just like the other casinos, this one is licensed under the Curacao eGaming License.

The catch phrase of the Kas Casino is: “Unlimited Cash – Unlimited Kas” and it could not be more fitting. A reason we see the Kas Casino as a very great example on the online casino market, is the fact that the online casinos has no withdrawal limits. This is something you will rarely find on the online casino market nowadays, although we would wish it would happen more often. So we hope that the Kas Casino will be a prime example for many other online casinos.

Of course the Kas Casino will also offer you fast withdrawals and verification, usually done within 24 hours. In most cases though, it will be much faster. But not only does the Kas Casino offer you this, they will also grant you access to a massive selection of online slot games and live casino games from various online software providers.

Reasons to play at a Dama N.V. Casino

Now, if you have read to this point, you have probably already read some of the reasons we think that playing at a Dama N.V. Casino is mostly a good choice. But don’t worry, we will summarize the best reasons for you.

Fast Withdrawals and Verifications

Of course, one of the main reasons to play at a Dama N.V. Casino are the withdrawals and verifications. At pretty much all Dama N.V. Casinos, the time period in which these two requests are proessed is within 24 hours. However, in many many cases, the time period will be even shorter, so that it might happen that it takes only a couple of hours or even mere minutes. Since for players fast withdrawals and easy verification are a decisive factor when it comes to choosing an online casino, which is why we list this reason at the top.

Great Selection of Games

For many players, the amount of games can too be a very important reason for an online casino. And this is where Dama N.V. Casinos can shine. Pretty much every casino that is operated by Dama N.V. will come with a great selection of online slot games. You will not find many online casinos by Dama N.V. which will not offer the right games for you. And besides the classic online slot games, Dama N.V. casinos will most likely also offer live casino games. You will be able to play your favourite table games with live dealers at almost every Dama N.V. Casino. This of course also includes the famous live game shows which have risen in popularity for years. And if that’s not enough, many Dama N.V. Casinos also offer sports betting, where you can bet on all major sports like soccer, football or tennis.

Unique Features

Many of the Dama N.V. Casinos will offer exclusive and unique features. For example we take the JooCasino, which is also one of the oldest brands of the online casino group. This online casino will give you a bonus store. While the feature itself is not unique at all, it is more about the contents of this store. At this bonus store you will be able to trade in points, which you get while playing at the online casino, to purchase various different rewards like subscriptions to streaming services or gadgets and consoles. This is something you will rarely see, but these features exist throughout all of the brands of the Dama N.V. Casino group.

Reasons to NOT play at Dama N.V. Casinos

It is hard to find reasons to not play at an online casino operated by Dama N.V., but there are some, and of course we want to share them with you.

Unfair/Unsatisfying Bonus terms

While we appreciate many of the bonus offers the Dama N.V. Casinos have in store, there is also a downside to it. There are some Dama N.V. Casinos with bonus terms that we consider unfair. These bonus terms can include the prohibition of certain online slot games that feature a bonus buy option, for example. Additionally, some of these bonus offers also come with a max cashout restriction, which limits the amount of money you will be able to withdraw when playing with a bonus. That’s why we always advice you to check the bonus terms before claiming a bonus.

Tidious VIP Systems

VIP systems are great, don’t get us wrong here. They are perfect for players to show their loyalty to an online casino and get rewarded for that. While this in theory sounds actually great to pursue, in many cases the VIP systems of Dama N.V. Casinos are very tidious and kind of like ornaments on a christmas tree. Looks great and all, but it’s just there to look good. The reason for that is, that many of the higher VIP levels require you to invest a lot of money and grind them out, especially if there are seasonal VIP systems. And the rewards you get for that are often barely worth it. For example: it’s not worth to wager half a million to get a €400 cash bonus.

Is it worth to play at Dama N.V. Casinos?

This is a question we cannot answer directly. In the end, every player has to decide for themselves if the Dama N.V. Casinos match their demands of quality. All we can do at this points, is list you all of the reasons for and against these online casinos, as well as tell you which are the most mentionable of the online casino group. This comes from all of our own experiences we have made with the Dama N.V. Casino group. So if you really want to know if these online casinos are the right for you, don’t hesitate to read our online casino reviews and put yourself into the picture. But as always, don’t forget to check all of the informational sources about the terms and conditions of an online casino before playing there.