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On your first deposit you get a 100% bonus up to 2.000$. Additionally you have the rakeback & level up rewards.

100% bonus up to 2.000$

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As the name suggests, our objective is to test online casinos. Which one has the best bonus? Are they trustworthy? What about online slots? These are the questions we ask ourselves before testing and then answer them so you don’t have to yourself. And of course we only want to provide serious online casino offers.

Online Casino Bonus: Sticky Bonus and Non-Sticky Bonus

When it comes to choosing an online casino bonus, you have several options. Online casino bonusses are usually divided into 3 categories:

Sticky Bonus

The sticky bonus is the most commonly bonus found. When opting for a sticky bonus, your deposit will most likely be matched with a 100% Casino Bonus, sometimes even higher. You are then required to match a wager requirement, which is usually around 30 to 50 times your bonus balance.
Quick example: You deposit 100€ and get 100€ Casino bonus on top with a wager requirement of 40 times the bonus, you are required to wager a total of 4.000€. The sticky bonus prevents you from cashing out your balance until these wager requirements are met.

Non-Sticky Bonus

The non-sticky bonus is very similar to the sticky bonus but with one big difference: your real money balance and your bonus money balance are split. This means that, usually, you first play with your real money balance before your bonus money comes in play. With that being said, the non-sticky bonus allows you to cash out any profits you have made, as long as you did NOT touch your bonus balance. As this sounds quite lucrative, non-sticky bonusses are pretty rare.
Quick example here as well: You deposit 100€ and get a 100€ non-sticky online casino bonus on top, which sums up to 200€. You play until you reach 150€ and all of a sudden you win 500€. You are now allowed to cancel your active bonus and keep your real money balance of 550€.

No Deposit Bonus

The no deposit bonus is not quite like the ones before. For a no deposit bonus you are indeed not required to deposit any money, hence the name. That’s what makes them very popular, because you can test out a casino without having any risk. Usually no deposit bonusses come in form of free spins or a little bonus money or something along those lines. We also offer some online casinos with a no deposit bonus, so be sure to look around.

Cashback / Rakeback

While most online casinos offer deposit bonuses, sticky bonusses in particular, there are some online casinos that offer Cashback and Rakeback. To be more specific: Almost every online casino offers Cashback in some sort, but there are some that offer a higher percentage. These Cashback promotions are great for players who don’t like to play with an online casino bonus. You only play with real money and if you’re unlucky you get a percentage of your losses back with a wager requirement of usually 1 time the Cashback amount. Some casinos also directly convert it to real money, it varies.

Rakeback is almost the same system as Cashback, just that you don’t only get return for your losses. While playing with a Rakeback promotion, every spin counts. No matter if you lose or not, you get a percentage of your bet back. This is one of the best promotions for players that don’t play with an online casino bonus.

casino cashback rakeback
online casino bonus pros and cons

Online Casino Bonus: Pros and Cons

Some of you might think that an online casino bonus is unbeatable, unfair, waste of money or something along those lines. And it is understandable that one might think so. After all, you are not allowed to withdraw any winnings unless you fulfill the wager requirements, if you take a sticky online casino bonus at least. But as with many things, a closer look is required.

  • Casino Bonus Pros
    First of all, gambling is supposed to be fun. If you don’t have fun anymore, don’t gamble. Online casino bonus offers, especially the 100% Casino Bonus offers and beyond, allow for longer play time. Doubleing up your deposit gives you more money to play with, and thus most likely more fun too. Second, if you’re a risky player, you can double up your deposit (or triple up, depending on the bonus you choose) and go for higher bets in your favourite online slot game. This way you can play a bit riskier, maybe hit something nice and bring down the wager.

  • Casino Bonus Cons
    Of course online casino bonus offers also have downsides. The fact that you can not withdraw instantly after hitting something (except if you take a non-sticky bonus) keeps many players away from taking a bonus. Whenever you deal with wager requirements you will also meet bonus terms. These terms prohibit certain online slot games or bet sizes for players who play with an active bonus. This is also one of the major downsides.

Online Casino Bonus Comparison

Many players are unsure what the best bonus is. And that’s totally understandable, there are so many different online casino bonus offers on the market. Do you want a 100% Casino Bonus? Or maybe a 200% Casino Bonus? Do you want it to be sticky? Or is non-sticky better? There are so many questions to be considered and answered.

The fact is: There are no right or wrong answers to these questions. Every player has to choose for themselves. And that’s where we come in play. On you can easily compare online casino bonus offers from many different online casinos. You can compare the bonus percentage as well as the amount of bonus money you can get, and of course the wagering requirements.

You can also compare online casinos with certain slot providers. Want to test out the new Nolimit City game for as long as possible? Then choose this provider and compare which online casino bonus is best for you. offers lots of ways to compare online casino bonus offerings and find the right one for you.

online casino bonus comparison
trustworthy online casino

What is a trustworthy online casino?

When talking about trustworthy online casinos we should elaborate what exactly makes an online casino trustworthy. There are numerous factors for us we take into consideration before calling an online casino trustworthy and presenting it to you.

  • Withdrawals
    A trustworthy online casino will always process your withdrawals as long as you did not violate any terms or conditions. That’s why we consider online casinos that withdraw fairly quickly and also higher amounts as trustworthy.

  • The License
    Of course one of the biggest criteria is the casino license. There are several online casino licenses on the market but not even a handful are really trustworthy and meaningful. With that being said, you should NEVER play on an unlicensed online casino. They bait with a high online casino bonus that is far away from being realistic (something like 500% up to 2000€ or something along these lines). These offerings should be avoided as it is very unlikely that these are serious and trustworthy online casino offers.

Online Casino Licenses

As mentioned before we only provide serious online casino offers. With that being said, we obviously care for the license an online casino holds. These are the licenses we care about:

  • MGA (Malta Gaming Authority)
    The MGA license is one of, if not the best license you will ever find when playing in online casinos. First established in 2001, the Malta Gaming Authority has provided protections for players as well as minors and vulnerable persons. It not only makes sure that you will receive your money, but also protect anyone from dangerous gambling and foul play.

  • Curacao eGaming
    The Curacao eGaming license is another one of the biggest licenses out there. It is a fairly young license compared to others, given it has been around since 2016. The license is not as safe as the MGA license but still safer than other licenses on average. On you will only find serious online casino offers that we deem as trustworthy. Thus we are also very thorough when it comes to online casinos with Curacao eGaming license.
online casino licences
top online casino bonus

Top Online Casino Bonus and More is always eager to provide you with an awesome online casino bonus and other incredible offers. That’s why you will not only find the usual 100% Casino Bonus here but also exclusive offers. We provide multiple online casinos with a bonus up to 200% or more. Explore our site yourself and have a look around.

Of course not everyone likes to play with a bonus. And that’s okay, everyone plays just like they want. But even if you’re not interested in an online casino bonus, we still got you covered. We also provide lots of online casinos that offers cashback promotions. All you have to do is play and get some of your money back if you were unlucky.

Online Casino Reviews and Slot Reviews

On you will find detailed reviews to various online casinos. In our online casino reviews we try to describe in detail what you can expect, as well as share our view and thoughts. And of course we hope that you will agree with us.
Apart from online casino reviews you will also find slot reviews. In our online slot review we go over various online slot from well-known providers. We break down every inch of a slot, giving you details, stats and a rundown on all of the features an online slot has to offer. Here are some of the online slot providers we focus on:

  • Nolimit City
    Nolimit City has been on the online slot market for a while now and has made quite the name for them. With games like Deadwood or San Quentin they have had major success in implementing their own game mechanics – xMechanics.

  • Pragmatic Play
    There are barely any online casinos that don’t feature Pragmatic Play. One of the, if not the biggest online slot providers you will ever see. Pragmatic Play has over hundreds of online slot games and offers live casino games and game shows as well.

  • Play’n Go
    Of course we also take a look at Play’n Go. How could we not mention one of the most famous online slot providers out there? The swedish studio made a name for themselves back in 2016 when they first introduced Book of Dead, one of the most played online slot games of all time. And since then they give their very best to deliever high quality online slot games.
online casino reviews