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Over the Moon: Slot Overview

“That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind,” said Neil Armstrong when he became the first human ever to set a foot on the Moon. This time it is Big Time Gaming taking us on a journey over the Moon. So, buckle your seats, we are starting without a countdown!

Playing Board

Over the Moon is a Megaways™ slot, with 6 reels and up to 7 symbols per reel. If you´re may not familiar how Megaways™ work, we will explain it for you. With every spin the reals have a minimum of 2 symbols and for this slot up to 7 symbols on a reel. The symbols pay on adjacent reels from left to the right. At least 3 identical symbols on adjacent reels from left to right result in a win, the only exception is the top-symbol paying with two symbols on adjacent reels. Every win result in a reaction, allowing new symbols to drop in from above.

Over the Moon can produce up to 117649 Megaways™. The bet sizes range from 0.2€ to a maximum bet of 20€ (or equivalent). Bet sizes may vary depending on where you play.

Winning Symbols

There are 11 winning symbols, 6 low-tier, 3 mid-tier symbols and one high tier symbol. Staring with the 3 lowest paying symbols the “9,10 and J” with a payout of 0.8x your current bet. The slightly better low-tier symbols are the A, K and Q with a payout of 1x your current bet for a full way. The mid- and high-tier symbols are displayed by gems. The green gem being the lowest paying mid-tier symbol has a payout of 1.5x your current bet, followed by the slightly better blue gem with a payout of 2x your current bet for a full way. The best mid-tier symbol is the red gem with a payout of 5x for the full way. The best symbol is the purple gem paying 50x your stake for the full way. The last paying symbols are the different colored meteors, we will cover them in the special symbols section.

Over the Moon: Stats and Special Symbols

Over the Moon Slot - Basegame

The slot comes with many special symbols and functions we need to cover, so let us have a look.

Scatter Symbol

Over the Moon comes with two scatter symbols displayed by stars. The normal scatter is displayed by a golden star. 3 Scatter Symbols rewarding you with 12 Free-Spins, every additional Scatter adds 2 extra spins. The Megascatter is displayed by a purple star, triggering the enhanced Free-Spins. If one of the triggering scatter symbols is a Megascatter the enhanced Free-Spins will be awarded.  Scatter symbols can appear on any reel. The different Bonuses will be covered in the Free-Spins section.

Wild Symbol

The Wild symbol is displayed by a “W” with a rainbow circle in the background. It substitutes for all symbols except, the Battery, Scatters and Meteors


After each spin or reaction, a rocket may appear. The rockets have multipliers on them, for the base game the values can be 1x, 5x or 10x. These can have up to 3 fuel stages. If there are one or multiple meteors on the screen, they will be multiplied with the value of each rocket is carrying and will be added up. Every spin or reaction cost you one fuel stage, when the fuel is used up, the Rockets fall and will no longer be a part of the multiplier. Rockets in the Free-Spins stay until they run out of fuel, for the base game that is not the case. If there is no meteor to collect the rocket will fly away, even if it has some fuel left. You can have up to 3 rockets active at the time.


The battery symbol only occurs on the sixth reel, refueling all rockets on the screen to their full charge. The battery symbol is exclusive for the Free-Spins.


There are 3 different kinds of meteors carrying prizes. The lowest value meteor is the red one carrying prizes from 0.25x to 0.75x your current bet. Followed by the blue meteors with values ranging from 1x to 1.75x. The golden meteors can carry values from 2x to 100x. Every single meteor will be multiplied by all multipliers active for the spin. If there isn’t any rocket on screen the value of the meteor will be paid out. Meteors pay anywhere when accruing on the screen.


So as for the stats, Over the Moon comes with an RTP of 96.55% and a possible maxwin of 13,570x your stake. As mentioned before the slot can produce up to 117649 Megaways™. It is classified as a high volatility game, meaning that it pays out less often on average, but with a higher chance of hitting big wins.

Over the Moon: Feature Overview

Over the Moon Slot - Free Spins

Over the Moon comes with an unlimited Rocket multiplier feature.

  • Normal Bonus: the first rocket has a multiplier of 1x, every following rocket will have a value of plus 1 of the rockets before
  • Enhanced Bonus: The enhanced Bonus works like the normal one with the only difference that the first rocket has a value of 2x, for every following rocket a 2x will be added.

As covered in the special symbol section the rockets and meteors play an essential role in the Free-Spins. Since the multiplier only applies to the meteors and not to the winning’s trough ways, you will want to have as many meteors as possible. The rocket collects all apparent meteors and multiplies it with the multiplier it has. If there are multiple rockets

All meteor prices will be multiplied with every rocket. If you land 3 scatters during the Free-Spins 4 additional Free-Spins will be awarded, every scatter beyond the third adds two additional Free-Spins.

Bonus Buy feature

Just like most of the Big Time Gaming slots you have the option of buying the Free-Spins. The normal Free-Spins cost you 70x your current bet, the enhanced Free-Spins come at a cost of 140x your current bet. In both cases you will be rewarded with 12 Free-Spins.

Over the Moon Slot - Bonus Buy

Win Exchange

Besides of triggering the Free-Spins naturally or buying them there is the win exchange option. Whenever you win between 25x and 80x your current bet you have the chance to gamble your winnings on a wheel. The wheel has green and red fields, if you land on one of the red fields you will lose your winnings, the green fields will award you with 12 Free-Spins.

If you have been lucky enough to win Free-Spins there is a second wheel with green and purple fields, where you have the chance of winning the enhanced Free-Spins if you hit one of the purple fields.

On a win of 80x or over you have the chance to collect your winnings or exchanging your win for 12 Free-Spins. Winnings over the 80x will be added up to your Free-Spins.

Over the Moon: Conclusion

Big Time Gaming may have hit their biggest jackpot with Megaways™, if you look how many providers have slots under their license and Over the Moon brings a fresh wind to it. Of course, the Megaways™ function feels like on other slots with that feature, but all the special functions helping Over the Moon to feel new and distinctive.

A disadvantage that comes with BTG slots is the missing option of turbo-spins and not being able to skip bigger wins or teasers. This fact has two sides to it. You get a longer playtime (a good thing) than other slots that spin faster. To have the option to play faster if you desire to do so would be a nice addition. But this is just a minor problem and if you´re not using turbo spins at all there is nothing to complain about.

So, what do we think about Over the Moon? It is a solid Megaways™ slot just like almost any other Big Time Gaming slot with Megaways™. The biggest excitement is laying in the meteors being collected by multiple rockets with a solid multiplier on them, that being also the only difference between other Megaways Slots.

We enjoyed playing Over the Moon and if you like Megaways™ slots we are sure you will too.