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Cleopatra Megaways: Slot Overview

There are countless of famous and powerful women throughout all of history. Some names amongst them are Queen Elizabeth, Catherine the Great, Margaret Thatcher or Queen Zenobia. But iSoftBet chose a woman that probably everyone knows. A woman, that did everything to ensure her people were safe. ISoftBet will introduce us to their online slot game Cleopatra Megaways.

Playing Board

Cleopatra Megaways is a 6-reel slot with 2 to 7 rows. The game uses the Megaways technology, hence the name, that was invented by the popular online software provider Big Time Gaming. The technology allows reels to have a random amount of winning symbols between 2 and 7, allowing for up to 117,649 winning ways at maximum. Furthermore, Cleopatra Megaways uses Cascading/Tumbling Wins, a mechanic in which symbols, that were part of a winning combination, are destroyed and new ones fall onto the playing board. Bet sizes in Cleopatra Megaways range from 0.20€ to 20€ (or equivalent), though they can vary depending on where you play.

Winning Symbols

Let’s get an overview over all of the winning symbols you will encounter. Cleopatra Megaways features 10 different winning symbols, of which 4 are low-tier, another 4 are mid-tier and the last 2 are high-paying symbols.

For the lower and part of the mid-tier section you will find Royals, which are classic winning symbols from 9 to A. And these are pretty similar in payouts. So for 9’s and 10’s you will be paid 0.8 times your bet size per full way. Next up are the J’s and Q’s for 1 time your bet size. And this already concludes our low-tier section.

Next up are the mid-tier winning symbols. Half of these are occupied by the rest of the Royal symbols, the K’s and A’s, which both clock in at 1.5 times your bet size for a full way. Now we will get to winning symbols that are more designed around the general egyptian theme of Cleopatra Megaways. So the mid-tier section continues with the golden flower, coming in at 1.75 times your bet size. And the section is concluded with the scarab, paying you 2 times your bet size per full way.

Now we’ll take a look at the higher paying symbols. These two have a massive gap between them. The first one is the egyptian eye, paying you 7.5 times your bet size for a full way. And now, our top symbol by far, will be the golden tablet, which will net you a whooping 50 times your bet size per full way.

Cleopatra Megaways: Special Symbols and Stats

Cleopatra Megaways - Basegame

Because Cleopatra was such a powerful woman back in the day, it would be rude of her to leave you without any assistance. So here’s how she can help you win big.

Cash Scatters

Once in a while you will encounter golden pharao sarcophagi. These are your Cash Scatters. They will hold a random money value between 1 time and 10 times your bet size, but they can also hold one of the fixed jackpots. These come in the variations of Mini, Minor, Major and Grand, which are worth 20 times, 100 times, 500 times and 2,000 times your bet size respectively. These will play a major role in one of the core features of Cleopatra Megaways, which we will cover later on in the Feature Overview section of this online slot review.

Wild Symbols

Of course you will also find Wild symbols. These are portrayed by none other than Cleopatra herself, and they even carry the logo of the game. Wild symbols will substitute for any winning symbols except Cash Scatters. But that’s not everything they do. You see, any winning combination, that involved a Wild symbol, will be doubled. So for example, let’s say you get 2 ways of golden tablets with a Wild symbol. Usually they would be worth 100 times your bet size. The Wild symbol will double the winning ways, so that you have 4 of them, meaning you will get 200 times your bet size. Wild symbols will only appear on reels 2 to 5.

Mystery Symbol

The Mystery symbols are displayed by golden scarabs. When they land, they will reveal a random winning symbol from the paytable. Mystery symbols cannot land naturally though, they can only appear when Cleopatra wants them to appear. This is part of another feature we will cover later on. All Mystery symbols will reveal the same winning symbol.

Feature Exclusive Symbols

There are a number of Special symbols that are exclusive to the Respins Feature and do not appear in the base game. We will cover these symbols as soon as we get to the respective section of our online slot review.


As always, iSoftBet do not publish a lot of stats we can give you at this point. What we can tell you is that Cleopatra Megaways comes with a base RTP of 96.00%. The max win potential is capped at 10,000 times your bet size, which is pretty solid. The game was rated with a high volatility by its creators iSoftBet themselves. And that’s unfortunately everything we can give you.

Cleopatra Megaways: Feature Overview

Cleopatra Megaways Slot - Max Megaways

Cleopatra Megaways has some interesting features that should help you achieve big wins. Let’s take a look at them.

Cleopatra Modifiers

One of the core features in the base game will be the Cleopatra Modifiers. You see, whenever you land a Cash Scatter, that is not used for a bonus trigger, the Cash Scatters are collected in the fiery brazier on the left of the playing board. The more you collect, the more likely it is to trigger one of the 4 random features. Or at least this is how it seems. These are the Cleopatra Modifiers:

  • Wild Add – Adds 2 to 5 Wild symbols randomly on the reels
  • Mystery Symbols – Adds Mystery symbols randomly on the reels
  • Max Megaways – One spin with guaranteed 117,649 possible ways to win
  • Bonus Add – Adds Cash Scatters to the reels to increase your chances of triggering a bonus

Respins Feature

5 or more Cash Scatters will let you enter the Respins feature. The amount of Megaways as well as the Cash Scatters you have triggered with will be locked and taken over to the feature. You will now be granted 3 Respins. In these Respins, you will want to land as many Cash Scatters as you can. Every Cash Scatter you land will reset your remaining Respins back to maximum. Additionally, you will notice that the reels have a counter on their bottom end. This is a very important extra feature. Because if you manage to fill up an entire reel with Cash Scatters, you will get a multiplier according to the height of the reel. This multiplier is then applied to all Cash Scatters on this reel. And yes, this does also count for any jackpots.

As we mentioned before, there are a few Special symbols, called Reel Boosters, which can only land in this feature. Here’s a list of them with their corresponding colours and what they do:

  • Multiplier (Red) – Multiplies any landed values on adjacent reels
  • Collector (Green) – Collects all landed values and totals them
  • Extra Life (Blue) – Grants an extra spin at the end of the round, 3 extra spins at max
  • Reel Enhancer (Purple) – Adds a row to the reel the enhancer has landed on

After Reel Boosters have done their job, they will transform into Cash Scatters.

Cleopatra Megaways Slot - Hold & Win Feature

The feature will end once all of your Respins and extra lifes have been used or the max win potential of 10,000 times your bet size has been reached.

Cleopatra Megaways: Conclusion

Through many years we have seen countless online slot games and providers that took Cleopatra and the ancient egypt as their theme. Some of them were really good, some of them really bad. So is Cleopatra Megaways the best iteration of a Cleopatra-themed online slot game we have ever seen? Probably not. But with that being said, it’s also definitely not the worst.

Cleopatra Megaways is not an innovative slot that brings a bunch of new mechanics. But that’s totally fine, as long as the existing mechanics are well done, and that is the case with this game. Although something like the random features that get triggered by the fire brazier is more show than reality. Why not just make them randomly appear on any spin, instead of adding a pseudo-possability by collecting Cash Scatters? Something probably only iSoftBet will know.

All in all, Cleopatra Megaways is a solid game. It takes inspiration from some of the earlier releases of iSoftBet, like Aztec Gold Megaways, which has a very similar feature to this one. And that is fine, if you spice it up a bit, which they definitely did with Cleopatra Megaways.