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Walk of Shame: Slot Overview

Did you ever do something embarrassing? Something so awkward that you kept your head low for the rest of the day? We’re sure you did. But we’re also sure everyone did that, we’re no exception. But it gets much worse if you are a person of public interest. And if so you’re taking a trip down the Walk of Shame.

Walk of Shame is produced by Nolimit City and is played on 5 reels with a 3-4-4-4-4 layout. Walk of Shame uses win ways to determine winning combinations, thus giving is 768 winning ways in total. Bet sizes range from 0.20€ up to 100€ (or equivalent). Bet sizes may vary depending on where you play.

For those of you who might know Nolimit City by now, you probably already thought that they have some beautifully designed winning symbols fitting the theme. There are 9 winning symbols and we’re gonna be totally honest with you: describing these is harder than explaining the xMechanics of Mental to a goat. You see, on the lower end we have 5 different glasses, but they are all empty except for some ice cubes. But probably the most unique thing about them is their size, so let’s just go with that. The smallest, second-smallest and third-smallest glasses all share the same payout with 1-time your bet size for a full way. The second-biggest and biggest glass also share the same payout with 1.25-times your bet size for a full way. Again, we apologize, but these are really hard to describe since they have no mentionable contents.

On the higher end we have 4 people that seem to have had a tough night. They are supposed to resemble real life celebrities but we couldn’t quite figure out who so we’ll just go with their background colour and noticible facial marks. So let’s begin with the guy with the bruises and the golden background. He clocks in at 1.5-times your bet size for a full way. Next up we have the guy with the rabbit ears and the purple background, coming in at 2-times your bet size. Second to last is the guy with the green wig and green background, he pays 2.5-times your bet size for a full way. And last but not least we have the guy with the messed up hair and short beard with a red background. He clocks in at 5-times your bet size for a full line and resembles our top symbol.

Walk of Shame: Special Symbols and Stats

There are fairly few Special symbols present in Walk of Shame, given that it is a Nolimit City slot.

The only really special symbols we have are the two Scatter symbols. Yes, there are two of them. The first one is the Invitation from Mr. E and is portrayed by a black envelope with „MR E“ on it. Landing at least 3 of those will grant you 10 Free Spins and put you in the „One More!!!“ Feature. These invitations can only appear on reels 2 to 5.

Our second Scatter symbol is Mr. E himself. He can only appear on reel 1 and does not only work as a Scatter symbol but also as an xSplit symbol. Mr. E is portrayed by a man in a suit, holding a drink and a lighter. Landing him together with at least 3 Invitation Scatters will also grant you 10 spins and put you in the „All Nighter“ Feature.

What exactly these Features do will be covered in our Feature Overview section of this online slot review.

Now it’s time for some stats. Walk of Shame comes with a base RTP of 96.04% and has a max win potential of 9,822-times your bet size, which is actually pretty low for NoLimit City standards. The max win probability is at around once in 4,000,000 spins. Getting Free Spins also seems pretty hard, given that you get Free Spins roughly once every 241 spins. The hit frequency looks decent though, clocking in at 30.78%, which is a win roughly every 3 to 4 spins. With these stats we can do some math now: given that the max win potential can only be reached in the Bonus Feature, which is highly likely, it will take you around 16,600 bonuses to get the max win of 9,822-times your bet size. Of course these are only theoretical numbers and they do not account for the different bonus types.

Walk of Shame: What it actually means

Did you know that the term „Walk of Shame“ can be used in many different ways? The term goes back to the 1990s and originated on college campuses. When you had a night out with some friends and you see one of them walking over the campus in last night’s clothes, they’re walking the „Walk of Shame“ because they probably had a heated night with someone they met last night.

But there’s also the Walk of Shame in sports. When a player gets send off the field for playing unfair or too rough, i.e. Football players getting a red card, they most of the time get boo’ed out by the opposing team’s fans, so they take the Walk of Shame back to their locker room.

Walk of Shame: Feature Overview

As usual with Nolimit City slots, Walk of Shame comes with some pretty exciting features.

  • Mr. E

As we already mentioned, Mr. E doesn’t only function as a Scatter symbol, he also functions as an xSplit Symbol. For those of you unfamiliar with the xSplit mechanic: xSplit basically means that symbols get split and therefore get doubled, tripled, quadrupled and so on. In Mr. E’s case, the splits the symbols on his reel or on his row. Note that Invitation Scatters cannot be split.

  • Loaded Wild

The only reason we didn’t mention the Loaded Wild in the Special Symbols section is because it is not actually a Special symbol. You see, the higher tier winning symbols can appear in stacks of four. If a fully stacked high tier symbol lands on reels 2 to 5, they will turn into a Loaded Wild with a 4x multiplier, substituting for any winning symbol except for Scatters.

  • Walk of Shame

Landing not only a Loaded Wild but also Mr. E on the same spin will trigger the Walk of Shame. During this feature, all Loaded Wilds will make their way to the left until one of them reaches reel 2.

  • „One More!!!“ Free Spins

3 or 4 Invitation Scatters will trigger 10 or respectively 15 „One More!!!“ Free Spins. Throughout the whole feature a multiplier is active. This multiplier is raised by +1 by every single Loaded Wild that has landed and is applied to every win. Getting any Invitation Scatters will grant you +1 spin. Landing Mr. E during this feature will upgrade it to the „All Nighter“ feature.

  • „All Nighter“ Free Spins

The „All Nighter“ Free Spins are triggered by either having 3 or 4 Invitation Scatters together with Mr. E in the same spin or upgrading the „One More!!!“ Feature by getting Mr. E on the first reel. Landing them together in the base game will grant you 10 or 15 spins respectively. The „All Nighter“ Feature is similar to the „One More!!!“ Feature, with the exception that Mr. E is always present and will split symbols in every spin. Additionally, whenever a Loaded Wild lands, it will automatically trigger the Walk of Shame. Landing any Invitation Scatters will grant you +1 Free Spin.

  • Bonus Buy Feature

As usual with Nolimit City, Walk of Shame comes with a Bonus Buy Feature. You can buy the regular „One More!!!“ Bonus for 69-times your bet size, the „All Nighter“ Bonus for 314-times your bet size or you can try your luck by buying the Mystery Choice for 131-times your bet size. Be aware though that, when buying the Mystery Choice, there ist a 75% chance to get the „One More!!!“ Feature and only a 25% chance to get the „All Nighter“ Feature. What’s interesting here is the change of RTP. Buying the „One More!!!“ Feature has an RTP of 96.18%, the „All Nighter“ has an RTP of 96.45% and the Mystery Choice Feature has an RTP of 96.32%, which is a pretty significant difference to the base RTP of 96.04%.

Walk of Shame: Conclusion

Walk of Shame is a mediocre game at best. There aren’t really many things that kept us entertained. Sure, the design and all of the little easter eggs found around the actual game are superb but that’s not what keeps a player entertained. There isn’t much happening in the base game, the best thing you could get would be the „Walk of Shame“ feature which loses its excitement pretty fast to be honest.

The different Bonus features are alright. But again nothing too spectacular. The „All Nighter“ Feature is probably the most exciting thing in this game, as it should be, given that it is the best feature you can get. But the regular „One More!!!“ bonus is pretty boring, at least from what we saw. The difference in RTP also makes us think that Walk of Shame was probably designed towards the Bonus Buy option.

This concludes our slot review about Walk of Shame. It was fun trying it out for you, but it will probably not be an online slot to remember. Hopefully we left no question unanswered and we hope that at least you will have lots of fun with it.