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The Dog House Multihold (Pragmatic Play) Slot Review


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The Dog House Multihold: Slot Overview

We can pretty much all agree that The Dog House has been one of the most famous online slot releases of Pragmatic Play. It is still one of the most played games by this online slot provider to this day. No wonder that Pragmatic Play is eager to produce many variants and spin-offs of this game. One of the more younger iterations of The Dog House is its Megaways version, which was a great success too. And in this online slot review we will be going over another version, The Dog House Multihold.

The Dog House Multihold is played on 5 reels with 3 rows and 20 set paylines. Bet sizes range from 0.20€ to 100€ (or equivalent). Bet sizes may vary depending on where you play.

The Dog House Multihold does not introduce new winning symbols, that’s why we will find the same symbols like in every other variation of The Dog House. But to be fair, there are a bunch of them, 11 winning symbols in total. Let’s begin with the lower tier symbols. There are 5 of them and they are portrayed by the classic symbols from 10 to A. 10’s, J’s and Q’s share a payout, paying 1.25-times your bet size for a full line. Next up are K’s and A’s, which also share a payout, clocking in at 2.5-times your bet size.

Now on to the higher tier symbols. First up we have the Bone for 3.75-times your bet size. Then following is the Dog Collar for 5-times your bet size. Let’s get to our four doggy premium symbols. As we’re really bad with dog races, we will just refer to their background colour. Our first premium dog is the Teal dog with 7.5-times your bet size for a full line. Next is the Beige dog for 12.5-times your bet size. Second to last will be the Pink princess dog for 17.5-times your bet size. And last but not least, our top symbol will be the Blue Bulldog for 25-times your bet size for a full line.

The Dog House Multihold: Special Symbols and Stats

What would be The Dog House without Special symbols? At least it would be way less exciting, because these Special symbols are vital for big wins.

As you may have already guessed, at least if you know previous iterations of the game, we have a Wild symbol. This Wild symbol is portrayed by a Dog House, who would have thought? Wild symbols will substitute for any winning symbols except Scatter symbols. Every single Wild symbol comes with a multiplier of x2 or x3. They will mutliply every winning combination they’re part of. If more than one wild is part of a winning combination, the multipliers are added to each other and then applied to the win.

The second Special symbol is the Scatter symbol. Just like in the original, it is portrayed by a dog paw and the label „BONU$“. Hitting 3 of these in the same spin will let you enter the Free Spins Feature. Scatter symbols can only appear on reels 1, 3 and 5. However, this is only the case in the base game. We will explain to you why this is so important in our Feature Overview section of this online slot review.

Now it’s time for stats. The Dog House Multihold comes with a base RTP of 96.06%, which is pretty average, nothing too spectacular. The maximum win potential of this game is capped at 9,000-times your bet size, which is an increase to the original Dog House game, which is capped at 6,750-times your bet size. The chances of hitting this max win potential are slim but not impossible. On average you will get a max win every 5,266,088 spins. Not too great, but also not too bad, we’ve seen way worse. But how often do you get a win? On average you will get a win every 4 to 5 spins. And what about Free Spins? You will trigger free spins once every 175 to 176 spins. As always, these numbers are just an average and theoretical. Pragmatic Play rates The Dog House Multihold with a 5 out of 5 in terms of volatility, which means that the game is highly volatile.

The Dog House Multihold: Feature Overview

Usually we go over all of the features a game has to offer in this section of our online slot review. Unfortunately, The Dog House Multihold has only one or rather two real features that are worth talking about.

One of these features is the Free Spins Feature. Like we mentioned earlier, to enter it you need to land 3 Scatter symbols in a single spin. Here you will already see the first difference compared to the original game. No matter what, you will be granted 7 Free Spins at the start, as oppose to the original game where you had 9 reels spinning to determine your amount of Free Spins. When entering the Free Spins you will notice that there are 4 matrices. Every matrice consists of the same playing screen like all the others. To unlock a matrix, you need to collect 3 Scatter symbols. These Scatter symbols can appear on any unlocked matrix and on any reel. Now things are getting interesting. Some of you might have played the original Dog House game. Usually, the Wild symbols become sticky in the Free Spins Feature, which means that Wilds are kept in place. This is the same here, but with a twist. Upon unlocking a matrix, every Sticky Wild symbol is copied to the new matrix. But unfortunately, all matrices before the one you just unlocked lose the ability to hold new Wild symbols. What this means is that only the most recent matrix unlocked can hold new Sticky Wilds, all other matrices unlocked before will not be able to hold new Wild symbols, but they keep their current ones.

Upon unlocking a new matrix you will be granted additional free spins. A reel will be spun and you will be granted a random amount between 1 and 3 spins. There is no other way of retriggering the feature. It will end once every spin has been used or the max win potential of 9,000-times your bet size has been reached.

The other feature we want to talk about is the Bonus Buy Feature. For 100-times your bet size you can buy a guaranteed entry into the Free Spins feature. Buying bonuses has a slightly higher RTP than the base game of 96.08%. Not too big of a deal in our eyes, you will barely notice a real difference.

The Dog House Multihold: Conclusion

To be honest, we’re not the biggest fans of The Dog House. But to be fair and keep it objectively, The Dog House Multihold is a really fun game. Pragmatic Play did a great job in reinventing one of their most famous games. Although much of the game is straight up copied from the original, like the music and the winning symbols. We would have loved to see a bit more variation, Pragmatic Play have already managed to do that with The Dog House Megaways.

The stats of The Dog House Multihold are all right, they are not great, but not too bad either. We have seen way worse in the past with games that had less max win potential. But as we always say, there are games out there with a far greater potential and less spins to get it on average. So if you’re someone who’s looking at stats a lot, you won’t be happy with The Dog House Multihold.

We are a bit disappointed about the overall changes to the game. Having a new bonus game feature is great, of course, we like that. But the base game didn’t change at all, besides some new animations, and the base game of The Dog House was never really exciting or thrilling. We would have loved to see something like a random feature or respins on 2 Scatters,  something along these lines.

But in the end The Dog House Multihold is a fun game and we’re very sure that people who liked the original Dog House game will also like this one. Although it is a different game, the core mechanics are pretty much the same. With these words we conclude our online slot review about The Dog House Multihold. It was fun trying out the new features for you. Hopefully we left no question unanswered and we hope you will have lots of fun with it.