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Rome Supermatch (Nailed It! Games) Slot Review


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Rome Supermatch: Slot Overview

When we think of the ancient Rome, we imagine Gladiators fighting for glory and gore in an arena. It seems to be that Games Global Studios Partner Nailed it! Games had something else in their mind, presenting us Rome Supermatch. A slot with symbols fitting right into the chosen setting and a slot design you definitively don’t see every day. So, let us have a look what Rome Supermatch has to offer for us.

Playing Board

Rome Supermatch is played on 5 reels and up to 8 rows. You may wonder what we mean by up to 8 rows, don’t worry we will explain it. Three identical symbols on the first row will unlock the second row, for every identical symbol to the first three ones that land on the unlocked row the following row will be unlocked. You will notice that the fourth and last row are highlighted, we will get to them in the feature overview section of our review.

Winning Symbols

The slot comes with 8 paying symbols, 4 low-tier, 3 mid-tier and 1 high tier symbols. The slot does not have lines, it is paying for the number of symbols on the screen. Three identical symbols result in a win. We are revering to the best possible payout for each symbol you will reach with 25+ symbols. Staring with the lower end we got the J and Q paying 150x followed by the A and K with a payout of 200x. For the mid-tier symbols, we got the Gladiator and Poet paying 300x your bet followed by the Queen paying 400x. The top-symbol displayed by the King pays 1000x your bet.

Rome Supermatch: Stats and Special Symbols

Rome Supermatch Slot - Basegame

Rome Supermatch only comes with two special symbols, both being Wild-Symbols, we still need to have a look on them. So, let us get started.

Multiplier Wild

The multiplier Wild substitutes the matching symbol and increases the multiplier by one. The multiplier will be applied to the total win. The multiplier wild only appears on the rows 2-8

Spreading Wild

Same as the multiplier Wild the spreading Wild only appears on the rows 2-8 and substitutes the matching symbol. When the spreading Wild lands it will cover the entire row with Wild-Symbols, if a multiplier Wild is apparent on the same row, it will not be covered.


The stats for Rome Supermatch are as follows: The slot comes with an of RTP 96% and a possible max win of 5,000x your bet. Rome Supermatch is classified as a high volatility game, meaning that it will pay less often in average but coming with a higher chance to hit big more often. Sadly, we do not have any information how high the chances are to get the max win.

Rome Supermatch: Feature Overview

Rome Supermatch Slot - Mega Respin

We have cleared the special symbols and stats out the way. As promised, let us have a look at the features Rome Supermatch has to offer.

Second Chance Feature

The first feature the slot has to offer is the second chance feature. When at least one of the selected symbol lands on the fourth row you will receive a second chance, meaning if no more matching symbols land, the last row will be reset giving you one more chance to land matching symbols on it.

Mega Re-Spin Feature

If you manage to reach the golden row being the last one you will be rewarded a Re-Spin. All symbols except the matching ones, these will stay on their position they landed on, will be cleared giving you the chance to hit more matching symbols on the cleared positions. When you were lucky enough to reach the last row without using your second chance an additional Mega Re-Spin will be rewarded.

Feature Buy

Rome Supermatch comes with two options of buying special features:

Always Match: The always match feature comes at the cost of 5x your bet. When activated 3 matching symbols will be guaranteed on the first row. The symbol will be selected randomly.

Second Chance: At the cost of 20x your bet you’ve the option to buy the second chance feature. When activated matching symbols will land up to the fourth row, granting you with a second chance.

Rome Supermatch - Bonus Buy Options

Rome Supermatch: Conclusion

Nailed it! Games may not be the provider we hear from every day and Rome Supermatch isn’t like any slot we get to play all the time. Just like the ancient Egypt theme, slots with an ancient Rome theme seems to be a popular way to go. Same goes for Rome Supermatch, the chosen symbols and the overall design fit right in.

Even the slot does not have a Free-Spins feature we don’t miss it, and to be honest we don’t know how they should have built them in, Rome Supermatch has two special features and its unique slot design to cover up for that.

If you are looking for something different compared to the games, you usually play every time Rome Supermatch is a nice new gust of wind. When playing it we had the feeling that it isn’t easy to hit a higher number of matching symbols, even with the lower paying symbols, and ended up being frustrated. We don’t have much else to complain about, Nailed It! Games managed to deliver a nice slot and succeeded with their attempt to try out something new. We enjoyed playing Rome Supermatch and hope you are open to try out something you´re not used to.