Jewel Rush (Pragmatic Play) Slot Review


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Jewel Rush: Slot Overview

Let’s play a little game. Think of the most generic title you could give an online slot game. Got one? If your title includes the word „Jewel“ and „Rush“, then congratulations, you could be hired by Pragmatic Play in the future. But let’s put the jokes aside and focus on the important things. A generic title doesn’t equal a generic game. So let’s take a closer look at Pragmatic Play’s Jewel Rush.

Playing Board

Jewel Rush is played on a 7×7 grid, so there will always be 49 symbols available at any given time. To determine wins, the game uses Cluster Pays, which is a mechanic in which at least 5 of the same symbols need to be adjacent horizontally or vertically in order to form a win. Additionally, Jewel Rush uses Tumble Wins. This mechanic allows for symbols, that were part of a winning combination, to be destroyed, so that new ones can fall into the grid. The bet sizes range from 0.20€ to 100€ (or equivalent), but may vary depending on where you play.

Winning Symbols

In Jewel Rush you will find 7 different and unique winning symbols. The winning symbols cannot be clearly devided into lower or higher tier symbols, so we will just flow with how they come. One thing we need to mention before, is, that every winning symbol is represented by a jewel or gem. Because we are not experts on this subject, we will strictly go with the colours of the jewels. All winning symbols will pay their maximum payout when reaching a cluster of 15. Any more symbols will not pay you more, even if you get a full screen.

Alright, let’s get into it. So first you will find the dark blue gem, which will net you 20 times your bet size for a full cluster of 15 or more. Next up is the orange/yellow gem. This one will pay you 40 times your bet size. Onward to the next symbol, the purple diamond. Getting 15 or more of this one will bring you 60 times your bet size.

Now we will get to gems with a golden outline. Coming up next is the green jewel, which clocks in at 80 times your bet size for a full cluster of 15 or more. Next is the turquoise gem, bringing you 90 times your bet size. Second to last will be the red gem, which will net you 100 times your bet size. And last but not least, the pink gem will be our top symbol. This one will pay you a whopping 150 times your bet size for a full cluster. Definitely not the worst payouts here.

Jewel Rush: Special Symbols and Stats

Jewel Rush Slot - Basegame

There are actually not that many special symbols in Jewel Rush. Let’s take a look at what we have.

Scatter Symbol

Actually, the only special symbol in Jewel Rush is the scatter symbol. This one is portrayed by a shiny flawless diamond. Landing 3 or more in the same spin will allow you to enter the Free Spins Feature. What exactly this feature does will be elaborated further in our Feature Overview section of this online slot review.


Jewel Rush is played with an RTP of 96.47%. The maximum win you can get in this one is capped at 5,000 times your bet size. Pragmatic Play themselves rated Jewel Rush with the maximum volatility of 5 out of 5, meaning that the game is very volatile. On average you will get a win once every around 3 spins. Jewel Rush does not have the greatest chances to trigger a free spins feature though, on average you will need 403 spins to trigger one. But here’s a banger: A max win in Jewel Rush will occur once every 95,891 spins on average. This is a treat for everyone who looks at stats.

Jewel Rush: Feature Overview

Jewel Rush Slot - Free Spins Bonus

Let’s see what exciting features await us in Jewel Rush.

Random Multipliers

On any winning combination there is a chance that random symbols of this winning combination will get a multiplier. This multiplier can either be x2 or x4. If more than one multiplier is part of a winning combination, then these multipliers will multiply each other, and then be applied to the win. The maximum multiplier that is achievable this way is x256.

Free Spins Feature

Getting 3 or more scatter symbols in the same spin will allow you to enter the free spins feature. Up to 7 scatter symbols are possible. You will be granted 10 free spins, with 1 additional free spin for each scatter after the 3rd. The free spins feature works exactly like the base game, with the only major difference being the increased appearance of multipliers throughout the feature. Retriggering the feature is possible, just like the initial trigger, hit 3 or more scatter symbols in the same spin to get 10 additional free spins. The feature will end once you have used all of your available free spins or the max win cap of 5,000 times your bet size has been reached.

Bonus Buy Feature

Just like with many other modern Pragmatic Play games, Jewel Rush also comes with a bonus buy option. Since triggering a bonus from the base game can take quite a while, with the average being around 400 spins, you might consider to buy one.

Jewel Rush Slot - Bonus Buy Option

For the price of 100 times your bet size you can immediately enter the free spins feature with at least 3 scatter symbols. Interestingly, there is no RTP difference between the base game and the bonus buy option. This is odd in the sense, that bonus buy options usually come with a little higher RTP.

Jewel Rush: Conclusion

Well, what can we say? Jewel Rush is a 1 to 1 copy of one of Pragmatic Play’s most famous and beloved games, namely Fruit Party. The only difference between these two games are the winning symbols, the rest of it works exactly identical. It is actually a bit surprising that it took Pragmatic Play so long to create a clone of Fruit Party, although the game has gotten very popular.

But one thing is for sure, Jewel Rush, just like its older sibling, is a sight to behold for people who care about stats. In these games you will most likely have the biggest chance of obtaining a max win, with less than 100,000 spins on average. So if the pretty boring and stale gameplay of Jewel Rush doesn’t bother you, this is the slot to grind out. But as always, be careful, these games come with a very high volatility, meaning that they can shred down your balance rather easily.

With that being said, Jewel Rush is a well-made clone of a very astonishing game. It comes with great looks, nice ambience, but a bit boring gameplay. Though it makes up for it with its great stats.