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Floating Dragon Megaways

Ever since Pragmatic Play acquired the Megaways technology from famous online slot provider Big Time Gaming, they have been eager to convert some of their most known and famous online slot games into more spiced up versions. So of course it’s no wonder that Pragmatic Play teamed up once again with their partner studio Reel Kingdom to create a sequel to one of their most played online slot games. In this slot review we will be going over Floating Dragon Megaways Hold & Spin, which is the successor to Floating Dragon Hold & Spin.

Floating Dragon Megaways consists of 6 reels with 2 to 9 rows. Three of these rows are at the top of the game board, initially locked but can be opened up randomly every spin. Floating Dragon Megaways, as the name suggests, makes use of the Megaways technology. This means that on every spin the amount of symbols on a reel is randomized between 2 and 6, allowing for up to 236,196 ways to win. Bet ranges are massive in this game. Lowest bet possible is 0.20€ and the highest bet goes up to 250€ (or aquivalent in other currencies).

Pragmatic Play didn’t re-invent the wheel when it comes to paying symbols. Ten paying symbols will help you form a win, with 6 of them having the lowest payout, 3 medium payouts and one over-the-top symbol. Let’s start with the lowest symbols. Here you will find the classy symbols 10 through Q clocking in at 1 time the bet for a full way. Then we have the other 3 low-paying symbols K, A and the fish, which all pay you 1.5 times the bet for a full way of those. Coming to the medium-paying symbols, you will find the kite, the butterfly and the peacock, paying you 2 times, 2.5 times and 5 times your bet respectively. Last but definitely not least is the kite boat, which clocks in at a stunning 50 times your bet for a single full way. One thing we definitely can’t forget to mention are the fish symbols, these carry a random money value between 2 times and 5000 times your bet and are crucial for the free spins feature, which we will cover in the Feature Overview in this slot review. On average you will get a base game win once every 5 spins, which is actually quite low compared to other Megaways online slot games.

Floating Dragon Megaways: Stats and Special Symbols

Floating Dragon Megaways has a stunning max win potential of 20,000 times your bet. The chance of you ever seeing one of these hitting yourself is rather low though, since a max win comes roughly once every 1,496,522 spins. Although there have been players who already got it. To give you another interesting stat, a free spin feature is hit once every 319 spins on average. And with this we can do some maths: since we think the max win potential is only achieveable in the free spins feature, it will take you around 4,691 bonuses to see a max win yourself. Sounds like a lot, yes, but remember that these are just the average numbers and not a set amount.

Besides paying symbols, you will find special symbols. One of these is of course the scatter symbol, which is a literal dragon, fitting the name of the online slot game. At least 3 of those at the same time on the board will give you one of the two unique bonus features which we will cover in detail later on in this slot review. The Lady symbol can only ever appear in the free spin feature. What she does and why she is crucial for this online slot game. Next one is the Wild symbol, which substitutes for any paying symbol except scatters, ladies or coins. They can only appear on one of the top 3 rows. Speaking of coins, they are another special symbol. These carry a random money value between 1 time and up to 2000 times your betsize. As well as the scatters, 3 of these will grant you the other bonus feature. The last special symbol are the paper lanterns. They can land in any spin, revealing a random paying symbol. We can’t unfortunately say for sure that they cannot turn into scatters or coins, as this is not mentioned in the game description, although we highly doubt it.

Floating Dragon Megaways: Kites in Asian Culture

When you first take a look at Floating Dragon Megaways you will see that the design of this online slot game has a distinct asian touch. This is because dragons as well as kites have a long history in asian culture. Where the kites originated from is not 100% recreatable but many people believe that they were first used in China. Way back in 5th-century BC the first kites were made from bamboo sticks and silk. But since silk was way too expensive, kites didn’t find their way outside of China until the development of paper around 300 years later. It was then when kites finally reached countries like Korea or Japan. Hundreds of years later kites became a tradition in Asia. Many folk festival use kites in different shapes and forms to celebrate. One of the biggest examples is the japanese new year.

Floating Dragon Megaways: Feature Overview

Floating Dragon Megaways comes with two unique features that were also present in it’s prequel Floating Dragon Hold & Spin. In this section of our slot review we will be going over all of the features and hopefully leave no question unanswered.

Free Spins Feature

As we mentioned before, 3 or more scatters trigger the free spins feature. Three scatters will award you 10 free spins, with each additional scatter symbol granting you 5 extra spins up to a total of 6 scatter symbols and therefore 25 free spins. It is this feature where the Lady symbol and the fish symbols come in play. You see, outside of the free spins feature the random money values on the fish symbols don’t really matter. But now they do, because everytime a lady symbol lands on one of the 6 reels it will collect any money value from fish symbols on the game board. That’s of course not all, on the right of the game board a bar is shown. Every 4th Lady symbol collected will retrigger your free spins and stepping up the game. Because everytime you retrigger, the Lady symbol gets a multiplier. This multiplier is applyed to the total of all collected money values in a single spin. One thing we have to mention is, that you can indeed retrigger through this way, though you will not gain the multiplier until your current set of free spins has been played. So you will always only have 10 spins with your current multiplier (except for the first stage if you triggered with more than 3 scatters) before going to the next set of spins. The multiplier is set in a certain order: first retrigger gives an x2 multiplier, second retrigger an x3 multiplier, third retrigger an x10 multiplier and a +10x multiplier for every following retrigger without any limit. The free spin feature will end once all spins have been used or the max win potential of 20,000 times your bet has been reached.

If you get unlucky and hit a Lady symbol without any fish money symbols visible on the screen, there is another feature that can come in play here. Whenever this happens there is a chance that a firecracker animation will show and put fish money symbols on random positions of the game board. This does not count if a fish money symbol dropped onto the game board through tumble wins though.

Hold & Spin Feature

The Hold & Spin feature is another unique feature in Floating Dragon Megaways. This feature can only be triggered in the base game. If 3 or more coins land on the game board at the same time, this feature is awarded. The amount of Megaways you triggered with will be locked, as well as the coins and any unlocked upper row. At the start of the feature, the value of the coins will be saved and added to your total winnings. What happens next is that you will be granted 3 respins. In each of the respins every reel and unlocked row will spin, giving you the chance to hit another coin or even a diamond. Diamonds will carry a random money value between 50 times and 2000 times your bet. And yes, you can trigger with one of these diamonds. For every time you hit one of these symbols, all money values visible will be added to your total winnings and your respins will reset to 3. This includes the money values you have triggered with. This feature comes with a win guarantee. If you did not hit a win of 20 times your bet and you ran out of respins, 3 more respins are granted. The Hold & Spin feature will end once you have no respins left or the max win potential of 20,000 times your bet has been reached.

Bonus Buy Feature

Floating Dragon Megaways comes with a bonus buy feature. If you ever feel like buying the free spins feature you will be asked to pay 100 times your bet up-front, which is a fair price considering max win potential and trigger frequency. Of course you can also buy the Hold & Spin feature clocking in at 120 times your bet. In both cases the amount of scatters or coins triggered with is random, so you can trigger with the required amount of 3 or you can be lucky and trigger with more.

Floating Dragon Megaways: Conclusion

Pragmatic Play and their partner studio Reel Kingdom have done a great job of converting one of their most played online slot games Floating Dragon Hold & Spin into something more exciting and thrilling. Floating Dragon Megaways is not even that different to it’s predecessor in terms of unique features but it still just feels and looks better. When it comes to design choices, nothing really changed from Floating Dragon Hold & Spin to Floating Dragon Megaways. The paying and special symbols are pretty much identical, which is a bit disappointing, but that’s just how it is.

The base game can be a bit boring to be honest. There’s not much going on except for the random mystery symbols and it just can’t bring up the excitement the bonus features can. But once you’re in one the two bonus features, things can get pretty exciting. The thrill of getting another retrigger or landing another coin to reset the remaining respins is something we really like. And the addition of the bonus buy feature is just as welcome, considering what we said about the base game.

This concludes our slot review about Floating Dragon Megaways. We had a fun time playing and trying out all of the different features. Hopefully we left no question unanswered and we’re sure you will have just as much fun with Floating Dragon Megaways as we have.