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Club Tropicana: Slot Overview

When you hear „Club Tropicana“ what is the first that comes to your mind? Partying all night long? Tasty cocktails while relaxing at the pool? Fishermen that changed their profession? Okay, the last one might be a bit far fetched but you’ll get the idea by the end of this online slot review. But the first two are pretty much exactly what it is all about. Pragmatic Play once again partnered with Reel Kingdom to create Club Tropicana.

Club Tropicana is played on 5 reels with 4 rows and 12 set paylines. The unusual number of paylines also explains the minimum and maximum bet sizes. These range from 0.12€ to 360€ (or equivalent), which is quite high. Bet ranges may vary depending on where you play.

Let’s get back to our introduction. Of course, if you hear „Club Tropicana“ you might think about Cocktails, pools, beaches, relaxing. And that’s why our winning symbols pretty much resemble that. In total we have 10 winning symbols, with 5 of them being on the lower end and 4 or 5 respectively on the higher end. What do you need for a good cocktail? That’s right, fruits. So on the lower end we have the Cherry, the Lemon, the Orange, the Plum and the Melon. Sure, not the best fruits to mix a cocktail with, but they’ll do the job. And actually, they all have the same value. All of them will pay you 10-times your bet size for a full line.

Now let’s look at the higher tier symbols. These actually have some differences in payouts. First we have the Unicorn swimming ring and the Pineapple cocktail each for 50-times your bet size for a full line, then the green and red Cocktail umbrellas for 100-times your bet size and the Cocktail shaker for a whooping 200-times your bet size for a full line. So these high tier symbols can actually pay. Now you might think „Wait, isn’t there one symbol missing?“ and you’d be right. But there’s a reason.

Club Tropicana: Special Symbols and Stats

Club Tropicana has some special symbols to offer that all take a special part in the game. Let’s start with the Money symbol, our last missing winning symbol. Money symbols are, as the name suggests, displayed by a pile of money. Money symbols carry random money values. These can range from 2-times to 4,000-times your bet size. To win the values they are carrying you will have to get a full line of these. If you do, you will win all of the shown money values on that line. There is another way to win the values but we will cover that later on in the Feature Overview.

The next special symbol is the Scatter symbol. Scatters can appear on any reel and are portrayed by 3 cocktail glasses and the label „Scatter“. Landing 3 or more of those on the screen in the same spin will grant you the Free Spins Feature. Scatters can only appear in the base game.

Last but not least we have the Wild symbol. This symbol is portrayed by the lovely barkeeper that keeps us company while we play. The Wild symbol cannot appear in the base game and only appears while in the Free Spins Feature.

Now that we’ve taken a look at the special symbols it is time for some stats. Club Tropicana comes with a base RTP of 96.08%. Now what is unusual: The Extra Bet feature has the same RTP with 96.08%, and the Bonus Buy Feature has tiiiny bit less RTP with 96.07% (we will cover these features later on). Usually Extra Bets have a bit less RTP and Bonus Buy Features have more, but in this case not.  What’s not unusual though, in the case of Reel Kingdom slots at least, is the max win potential of 4,000-times your bet size. The max win probability is once every 978,569 spins, which is not super great, but definitely alright. The overall probability for a win is roughly once in every 8 spins and the chance to trigger Free Spins is once in 121 spins. This is without Extra Bet, unfortunately we are not able to inform you how much the Extra Bet alters the probability.

Club Tropicana: Feature Overview

Club Tropicana comes with some interesting features.

  • Extra Bet

As we mentioned before Club Tropicana features an Extra Bet option. You can opt in by clicking the arrow just under the „Bet“ sign und the right side of the screen. Extra Bet will cost you 50% of your bet size on top (so 1.50€ on 1€ bet size for example) and gives you an extra chance of Scatters. We have no information on how this alters the chances of getting a Free Spins Feature. The game rules state that more Scatter symbols are present on the reels.

  • Free Spins Feature

Landing 3 or more Scatter symbols on the screen in the same spin will trigger the Free Spins Feature. Getting 3 Scatters will award you 10 free spins, with each additional scatter symbol granting you 5 extra spins up to a total of 5 Scatter symbols and therefore 20 free spins. Now we will get to see the second way of collecting the money values. During free spins the Wild symbol (let’s call him Barkeeper) can appear on any reel. If the barkeeper lands he will collect the values of every Money symbol visible on the screen. And what the barkeeper also does is fill up your cocktail glass. On the right side you will see cocktail glasses with multipliers on them. For every barkeeper landed the cocktail glass fills up by 1 third. Now you might think you only need 3 barkeepers for the glass to fill. And with this you would be right, but you will also need to light up the little LED sign inside the glass. If done so you will get another ten free spins with the given multiplier. But keep in mind: You will always finish your current set of free spins. Only after they are finished you will get the next set of free spins with the given multiplier.

Now what the multiplier does is pretty simple: It multiplies the total value of the money symbols after the barkeeper collected them. There are 4 mutliplier stages in total: 1x at the beginning, then 2x, 3x and at last 10x. The Free Spins Feature ends once all Free Spins have been used.

  • The Hook, the Beer and the Barbecue

Some you might already know the Hook. The Hook can appear when there are exactly 2 Scatter symbols on the screen. If the Hook comes in, it will fish up the third Scatter and thus trigger the Free Spins Feature.

The Beer can randomly appear in the Free Spins Feature. When this happens 2 reels will get an animation where the reels get pushed up by the Beer, revealing Wild and Money symbols.

The Barbecue can also only happen in the Free Spins Feature. When landing a Wild symbol with no Money symbols on the screen, it can happen that a Barbecue animation starts playing and Money symbols are randomly added to the screen.

  • Bonus Buy Feature

As mentioned before, Club Tropicana comes with a Bonus Buy Feature. This feature clocks in at 100-times your bet size and guarantees you to get at least 3 Scatter symbols, but also has the chance of 4 or 5 Scatter symbols, granting you more spins on your first set of free spins.

Club Tropicana: Conclusion

Club Tropicana is a 1-to-1 clone of Bigger Bass Blizzard. There’s not really much more to say about that. Apparently the Fisherman was tired of fishing all day and instead decided to open up his own little tropical party spot. To be fair, Pragmatic Play and their partners Reel Kingdom did a good job with the design. The funky music lightens up the mood, the design of the symbols perfectly fits the atmosphere. Well, except for the Money symbols, they feel kinda out of place.

That’s pretty much all there is to say about Club Tropicana. It is the third iteration of the Bigger Bass games now, with the only exception that Club Tropicana and Bigger Bass Blizzard introduced Extra Bet and Bonus Buy Feature. So if you liked the previous ones you will also like this one.

This concludes our slot review about Club Tropicana. It was fun trying it out for you. Hopefully we left no question unanswered and we hope you will have lots of fun with it.