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Chili Bonanza X UP (Infinity Dragon Studios) Slot Review


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Chili Bonanza X Up: Slot Overview

In this online slot review it’s getting spicy. After great success with the X Up series by Games Global partner Alchemy Gaming, they have teamed up with another studio to create a successor that will attract maybe even more players. So, Games Global, together with their partners at Infinity Dragon Studios, present to you Chili Bonanza X Up.

Playing Board

Chili Bonanza X Up is played on 5 reels and 3 rows. To determine wins, the game uses Winning Ways, which means that 3 or more of the same symbol from left to right on adjacent reels count as a winning combination. Unlike with set paylines, the position of the symbol on the reels does not matter. Bet sizes range from 0.30€ to 12€ (or equivalent), but can vary depending on where you play

Winning Symbols

In Chili Bonanza X Up you will find 10 different winning symbols. 5 of these are on the lower end and the other 5 are high-tier winning symbols. Let’s begin on the bottom end. The lower symbols are occupied by the classic winning symbols from 10 to A, which are pretty similar in payouts. So for the 10’s you will get 1 time your bet size per full way. This is followed by the J’s for 1.16 times your bet size. Next are the Q’s for 1.33 times your bet size. Then we have the K’s, netting you 1.5 times your bet size. And lastly, the A’s will pay 1.66 times your bet size per full way.

On the higher end you will find symbols that fit the theme perfectly. First there is the grinning Garlic, clocking in at 2.33 times your bet size per full way. Next is the happy Onion for 2.66 times your bet size. This one is followed by the green Pepper, paying you 3 times your bet size. Second to last will be the mad Ginger, which is rewarding you with 3.33 times your bet size. And last but not least will be the red Chili, granting you 4 times your bet size per full way.

Chili Bonanza X Up: Special Symbols and Stats

Chili Bonanza X Up Slot - Basegame

Now that we have cleared the winning symbols, let’s see what other symbols Chili Bonanza X Up has in store for us.

Scatter Symbol

The Scatter symbol will play a very big role in Chili Bonanza X Up. It is represented by a Mariachi skull with two crossed bones and the label „UP“. Sccatter symbols can only appear on reels 2, 3 and 4. Landing 3 of them in the same spin will grant you access to the Free Spins feature. But they actually have another very important role, which we will cover in the Feature Overview section of this online slot review.

Wild Symbol

What would an X Up game be without Wild symbols? These also play a pivotal role in Chili Bonanza X Up. They are portrayed by a bottle with the label „W“. Wild symbols will substitute for any winning symbol except Scatter symbols. Furthermore, Wild symbols will always expand, meaning that they will fill the whole reel once they landed. The reel will then count as having 3 Wilds on it.This is important in order to determine the amount of winning ways in a winning combination. Wild symbols also have their own payout, for a full way, which is essentially a full screen, you will be paid 4.16 times your bet size or 1,012.15 times your bet size in total for the full screen.


As there aren’t many Special symbols in Chili Bonanza X Up, we will continue straight to the stats. The game comes wiht a base RTP of 96.33%. The maximum win potential is capped at 50,000 times your bet size, which is massive. Unfortunately though, we have no information on how big the chances are, but we would guess that they are rather small. The developer Infinity Dragon Studios rates Chili Bonanza X Up with a high volatility, which checked out in our tests and generally makes sense with such a high max win potential. The hit frequency is set to 24.14%, meaning that you will get a win round about every 4th spin.

Chili Bonanza X Up: Feature Overview

Chili Bonanza X Up Slot - Free Spins with Max Win

Let’s see what makes the X Up games so special. There are a few interesting features that promise excitement and thrill.

X Up Multiplier

First let’s see why Scatter symbols are so important. On the right side of the screen you will see a bar with multipliers. Next to these multipliers are chilis. In order to increase the multiplier, you will need to collect a certain amount of chilis. But how do you collect them, there are no Special chili symbols? That’s right, this is where the Scatter symbol comes in play. Everytime you land exactly 2 Scatter symbols, you will collect one chili and the multiplier you have reached is safed. The X Up Multiplier can go up to x50. Ideally you want to collect as many chilis as you can before triggering the Free Spins feature. Why this is the case, will be covered next.

Free Spins Feature

3 Scatter symbols in the same spin will grant you access to the Free Spins feature. You will be granted 8 spins with your currently achieved multiplier. But you can also upgrade your multiplier before you start the feature. This will cost you a fee, depending on how many chilis you have collected so far. We don’t know the exact prizes, but the higher you want the multiplier, the more expensive it gets. Your multiplier will then be active throughout the whole feature, and is applied to every single win. But even now Scatter symbols are vital. Because you see, if you manage to land 2 Scatter symbols during the feature, you will not only get another chili, you will also get 2 additional free spins, that can be worth a lot, especially at higher multiplier stages. And since you can collect more chilis, you can also upgrade your multiplier in the Free Spins feature.

The feature will end once you have used all of your available free spins or the max win potential of 50,000 times your bet size has been reached. Once the feature is over, your chilis are reset to 0 and you will have to collect them again.

Bonus Buy Feature

Chili Bonanza X Up, just like its predecessors, comes with a bonus buy option. For 100 times your bet size you will be able to buy 8 Free Spins with a random multiplier. If you’re lucky enough, you can start at the 50x multiplier, or, in the worst case, at the 2x multiplier. But in order to be able to buy the feature, you will first need to trigger the feature through the base game once. This will unlock the bonus buy option.

Chili Bonanza X Up - Bonus Buy Feature

Chili Bonanza X Up: Conclusion

Well, it is an X Up game. What else are we supposed to say? Chili Bonanza X Up is now the 4th iteration of the X Up series, and just like the other X Up games, it brought nothing new. It is very very similar to the previous iterations of this series, and we would really love to see a bit more creativity, or at least not a straight up clone. Especially now that another studio took over the series.

But don’t get us wrong here, this doesn’t make Chili Bonanza X Up a bad game or anything. The game is definitely loaded and almost a guarantee for thrill and excitement. And if you’re a fan of highly volatile games, then you will have lots of fun with Chili Bonanza X Up. We will just advice you to be careful when buying bonuses. It can be very rough and most of the time you will not gain much, if even anything.

In the end, Chili Bonanza X Up is a solid game. If you have played any previous X Up games, you can probably skip this one. But if you haven’t played any game of this series yet, we highly recommend doing so.