WSM Casino: Massive $1 Million $WSM Token Airdrop

Written by Calvin on Sun Mar 24
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Over the course of the last year, the WSM Casino (WSM standing for Wall Street Memes) has gathered an impressive amount of players that love to spend their time at the online casino operated by MIBS N.V. The online casino licensed under the Curacao eGaming License first went online in 2023 and has since then convinced players with interesting offers such as non-sticky bonuses, a comprehensive sportsbook and lots of other exciting features still being developed at the moment.

With the amount of players drawn to the WSM Casino it should come as no surprise that players also wager a lot of money during their time at this online casino. The amount of money that has been wagered since the WSM Casino first went online in 2023 has now surpassed the critical threshold of over $100,000,000. To celebrate the mark of $100,000,000 wagered, the WSM Casino has been working on a promotion for players to give them something back.

WSM Casino: The $1 Million $WSM Airdrop

Reaching a total wagered amount of $100,000,000 is a big step for every online casino, especially for ones that haven’t been on the market for too long. The WSM Casino was first introduced in 2023 by the MIBS N.V. casino group and has therefore not been available to players for a long amount of time. This actually pleads for the WSM Casino, as it is impressive that it has reached such a milestone in a relatively short amount of time.

After reaching a critical wagered sum of $100-million, the WSM Casino owners thought about a promotion for the players. To give something back to those who have enjoyed the offers of the WSM Casino and showed their loyalty. Although, to be completely fair, this promotion is not only meant for loyal players, but for everyone. No matter if you’re a new player or someone who has been playing at the WSM Casino regularly, everyone will be able to participate. But more on that later.

So what did the owners of the WSM Casino come up with as a promotion for players to celebrate the reach of $100-million wager? It is pretty simple actually. The WSM Casino will give out airdrops for potentially all players that play at the WSM Casino. These airdrops will consist of $100,000 each and will be given out in their home-owned cryptocurrency $WSM. The airdrops will continue until the whole sum of $1,000,000 has been paid out in $WSM.

So what actually is an airdrop? Some of you might know this term as being a package delivered by an aircraft. Don’t worry, you won’t get send the cash via a helicopter or something like that. In the world of cryptocurrency, an airdrop is described as giving out digital assets to a wide range of users, either from a wallet operator or through certain conditions. This is the exact same thing that will happen in this promotion at the WSM Casino, as every eligible winner will be paid out in $WSM, which is the house-owned cryptocurrency of the WSM Casino.

Join the WSM Token Airdrop

Time Period and Eligibility Requirements

As we mentioned before, every user at the WSM Casino will be eligible to participate in the event and get a share of the prize pool. But of course there are more conditions to it than just being registered at the WSM Casino. To actually be able to get a piece of the cake that the WSM Casino is giving out, you will need to match certain requirements in order to “opt-in” to this promotion.

However, first of all we will take a look at the time period of the airdrops. As earlier mentioned, there will be multiple airdrops of $100,000 until the maximum amount of $1,000,000 has been reached. These airdrops will be given out in time spans of 4 weeks per airdrop. So you will have a time limit of 4 weeks for each airdrop to participate in.

Next we will take a look on how to actually earn a share of any airdrop that will be delivered by the WSM Casino. First, you will need to make a deposit of at least $25 in any cryptocurrency available at the WSM Casino. The currency you use does not matter at all, only the deposited amount. Once you’ve done that we will get to the “core” requirement of this promotion.

In order to be eligible to claim a piece of the prize pool, you will need to wager at least $250 in the given time period of an airdrop, so within four weeks. To elaborate further what is meant by that: it means that you will need to bet at least $250 total in four weeks. It doesn’t matter if you won or lost your bet, all that matters is that you have made a total of $250 in bets in four weeks. Once these $250 have been wagered, you will be able to receive prizes of the prize pool.

But this is not where the story ends. Over the four weeks time period of an airdrop, there will be leaderboards present. These leaderboards indicate which player participated the most in the event and wagered the highest sum of all participating players. The more a player contributes in terms of wagering, the higher the share of the prize pool will be, up to a maximum of $10,000 or 10% of the prize pool. It is worth noting however, that you will be qualified for a share of the prize pool once you have wagered $250. You will not need to wager more, but remember that your share will most likely be very small.

Speaking of the maximum percentage of the prize pool, there is a special rule to that. So, players will not be able to earn more than $10,000 of the prize pool. However, this rule will only come in effect if a player has wagered more than $100,000 in the four weeks period and the sum wagered by all qualifying players is $1,000,000 or higher. Only under these circumstances a player can earn 10% of the whole prize pool.

Last but not least, there are different wagering weightings to be considered when you try to participate in the promotion. All online slot games by all online software providers will contribute 100% of bets to the wager, so you won’t have to mind these. However, this doesn’t count for the sportsbook, as bets placed there will only count 50% of the initial bet. So if you bet $10 on a sports event, it will only count as $5 for the promotion. This is further decreased for any Roulette games, as these only count 10% of their bets. Any other games that do not fall in any of these categories will contribute 20% of their bets towards the promotion.

Summary of the Promotion

We know, this has been a lot of information to go through. To make it easier for you, we will summarize all the info and steps that you need to do in order to participate and get a share of the prize pool at the WSM Casino.

First, make a deposit of at least $25 in any cryptocurrency available in the four week period of an airdrop. Next, wager at least $250 to be eligible to get a piece of the prize pool. During the promotion there will be a leaderboard. The higher your position on the leaderboard, the higher your share of the prize pool will be. Different games contribute differently to your total wagered sum. All online slot games will wager 100% of the bets you make. Bets on sports events will only contribute 50%. Roulette games as well as Live Roulette games will take 10% of your bets to your wager. All games that do not count to any of the aforementioned categories will count as 20%. The time period of each airdrop will be four weeks, beginning on March 8th 2024. After this time period, all wagering progress will be reset and leaderboards will be wiped. You will then need to deposit at least $25 and wager $250 again.

If you decide to try your luck in the promo, we wish you best of luck and hope that you will have a fun time at the WSM Casino.

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