Mega Dice Casino to launch $DICE Token

Written by Calvin on Sat Apr 27
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In the coming weeks and months the Mega Dice Casino has something very interesting for all cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The online casino owned and operated by MIBS N.V. is launching its own crypto token. At first this may sound like nothing special, since many online crypto casinos already have their own token. But none of them are connected quite like the Dice token will be connected to the Mega Dice Casino. Let’s take a look at what the Mega Dice Casino actually is, what features the $DICE token will bring with it and how you can profit off of it.

How it works

The $DICE token will be hosted on the Solana blockchain. The Solana blockchain is a powerful and fast blockchain infrastructure designed to bring blockchain technology to a wide range of users. It aims to support experiences for both power users and new consumers. Solana is known for its high performance and scalability, making it suitable for various applications and use cases. It provides a platform for developers to build decentralized applications (dApps) and enables fast and secure transactions. With its focus on speed and efficiency, Solana aims to make blockchain accessible to everyone.

Now, some of you might not now what exactly a blockchain is. Simply put, a blockchain is a decentralized, distributed ledger technology that stores information across a network of computers. It consists of blocks of data linked together in chronological order, forming a chain. Each block contains a list of transactions, and once a block is added to the chain, it is immutable and cannot be altered. This transparency and security make blockchains a reliable system for recording transactions and other data without the need for a central authority. This is already simplified, as the mechanics behind a blockchain are way deeper and more complex.

We won’t go into too much detail on how cryptocurrencies are created and how they end up on a blockchain, as this would take too much time. All you need to know is that adding a new cryptocurrency to a blockchain involves creating the cryptocurrency, coding its rules, testing the code, issuing tokens, updating network consensus, integrating with wallets/exchanges, and promoting community adoption. We will focus mainly on the last step and how the Mega Dice Casino is attempting that.

What is the Mega Dice Casino?

The Mega Dice Casino has been online since 2023. It is owned and operated by MIBS N.V., one of the hottest newcomers in the online gaming industry in recent times. It is licensed under the Curacao eGaming License. Since its launch in 2023, the Mega Dice Casino has become a sort of flagship for the MIBS N.V. online casino group, having drawn a lot of attention through positive feedback from online gamers as well as online review portals such as ours.

The Mega Dice Casino is a pure crypto casino, meaning that you can only use cryptocurrencies to deposit and play at this online casino. This is actually a vital information, as this is very relevant to many aspects that make the online casino unique, including very fast withdrawals and usually simple deposits.

The online casino operated by MIBS N.V. has a lot of things to offer for players, including interesting promotions, high-quality games to choose from as well as a loyalty program to reward players that stay loyal to the Mega Dice Casino. What makes the Mega Dice Casino different from other MIBS N.V. casinos is the fact that it also allows sports betting, making it the perfect environment for sports enthusiasts to bet on their favourite sports.

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Presale has already begun

As of the time of writing this article, the presale for the $DICE token is already undergoing. If you want some tokens yourself, head over to the Mega Dice Casino and click the banner at the top. This will lead you to a page on which you will already be able to pre-purchase $DICE token with either Solana, Ethereum or Binance Coin.

However, if you are eager to purchase some precious $DICE tokens, you should hurry. There are several reasons for that. First, the presale event will be done in 10 phases. For every $1,000,000 raised by purchasing $DICE tokens, the price for a single token will rise. This will continue to happen until either the presale period is over or all of the available $DICE tokens have been sold.

Which leads to the next reason why you should hurry up. The presale period is limited to 147,000,000 tokens, which is roughly around 35% of the total available tokens. If all of them have been purchased, the presale will end and no more tokens will be purchasable. Unfortunately we have no exact information on how long the presale period will last, so it would be wise to get some tokens as soon as possible if you are interested in the project.

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$2,250,000 Airdrops to celebrate $DICE token

The launch of its own crypto token is a big undertaking for the Mega Dice Casino. An important factor for launching a cryptocurrency is its promotion. A crypto token doesn’t have much of a worth if nobody is interesting in buying, holding and selling it. For this purpose the Mega Dice Casino is giving out $2,250,000 via crypto airdrops, not only for interested token holders but also to get people interested in the project.

But what actually does the term “airdrop” mean? You may associate this term with a package dropped from an aircraft. Of course you will not be send a briefcase full of cash via a helicopter. In the realm of cryptocurrency, an airdrop refers to distributing digital assets to numerous users, either by a wallet operator or other operators of cryptocurrencies. This is exactly what will happen in this airdrop promotion. Winners will receive cash in the form of $DICE tokens, which will in the future serve as the house-own cryptocurrency of the Mega Dice Casino. The airdrops will be devided into 3 stages, with each of them having different terms and conditions. The promotion is already ongoing and will remain even after the token has officially launched.

The stages of this promotion will be considered as Seasons. There will be 3 seasons in total, each of them coming with a $750,000 airdrop, of which all eligible participants will get a piece of. Now, the interesting question is: How can you become an eligible participant? That’s pretty easy. All you have to do is reach a total wagering value of at least $5,000 using any cryptocurrency within a timeframe of 21 days. But this is not where the story ends. This condition will only make you eligible, but will not guarantee you a big airdrop. In order to get more of the airdrop, you will need to be more active. The more you wager, the higher your place in the rankings will be, and the more of the airdrop you will get.

The time periods of these airdrops vary. The first Season is actually already undergoing. If you want to participate, head to the Mega Dice Casino and wager at least $5,000 within 21 days. Season 2 will then begin in a time period between the presale and the token launch. Keep an eye on the promotional website to know when its starting. Last but not least, Season 3 will begin some time after the $DICE token has officially launched and will also require you to wager at least $5,000 within 21 days. We wish you the best of luck on getting as much from the airdrops as possible.

Terms and Conditions

To ensure that as many people as possible get a piece of the airdrop pool, the maximum airdrop a player can receive is limited to 10% in all Seasons. Not every game will take whole bet amounts into account. While slot games count 100%, sports bets will only count as 50%. Roulette and live games will take 10% of the bets to account. All other games that do not fall in any of these categories are limited to 20%.

Exclusive features for $DICE token holders

To entice players of buying and holding the house-own $DICE token, the Mega Dice Casino has some very interesting exclusive rewards and features for those who decide to try out the new cryptocurrency. Here are some of the features and rewards players can look forward to.

Staking Rewards

A key factor for the $DICE token is staking. By staking a cryptocurrency, you will lock it in a pool for a predetermined period. People who decide to stake $DICE tokens, will be able to receive exclusive rewards, such as additional $DICE tokens and even receiving SOL as a reward if they lock their $DICE token for 6 months or longer. Additionally, verified stakers will also receive preferential treatment in terms of bonuses, offers or game access at the Mega Dice Casino.

Daily Rewards

Both $DICE token holders and stakers can expect daily rewards at the Mega Dice Casino based on their casino performance. The more they play or perhaps even use the $DICE token, the more and higher rewards they can expect.

Limited Edtions NFTs

Select holders of the $DICE token and Mega Dice players will be able to receive limited edition NFTs. These can then be used to either gain access to special priviliges and rewards, or can just be traded and sold on the market.

Early Bird Bonus

Early investors into the $DICE token will receive additional $DICE tokens once the cryptocurrency has officially launched.

Gaming Ecosystem

Through the seamless integration into the Mega Dice Casino, the $DICE token, as mentioned earlier, will serve as the main currency for promotions. These promotions can be anything from cashback to rakeback, no-deposit bonuses or loyalty rewards.

Tokenomics of the $DICE token explained

The tokenomics of a cryptocurrency are one of the key aspects. But what even are tokenomics at all? Tokenomics is a combination of two words: “token” and “economics.” It refers to the economics of a token, such as a cryptocurrency or digital asset, within a particular ecosystem. Tokenomics encompasses various aspects related to the creation, distribution, and management of tokens. Here are some key points to understand about tokenomics:

Token Utility: Describes the purpose or function of the token within its ecosystem. Tokens can have different utilities, such as payment for goods and services or access of specific features. In the case of the $DICE token, it is supposed to serve the Mega Dice Casino as an allround currency for playing, exclusive access and promotions. It will also act as the primary currency for promotions like cashbacks, loot boxes and more.

Token Supply: This refers to the total number of tokens that will ever exist. The token supply can be fixed, capped, or inflationary, depending on the design of the project. The $DICE token is limited to 420 million tokens. This is the absolute maximum which will not change.

Token Distribution: Outlines how tokens are distributed among stakeholders, including initial coin offerings (ICOs), airdrops, mining rewards, or token sales. The distribution of the $DICE token is clearly stated. 35% of the sum of the tokens will be sold during a presale period. Another 15% will be given out to players at the Mega Dice Casino throught the airdrop promotion. The luiquidity pool will form another 15%. The Mega Dice Casino will receive another 15% of the $DICE token amount to ensure it will be able to pay out winnings and to keep the token stable if necessary. 10% will go into staking, which we have covered in the section before. The missing 10% will go into marketing and affiliates, both at 5%.

These are only some of the key points that can make a cryptocurrency successful. There are lots of other factors to consider, but these will go into too much detail.

The future of crypto casinos?

When we first got the news that the Mega Dice Casino is launching their own cryptocurrency, we at first thought that it would just be another of the MIBS N.V. online casinos that launches their own token to have something more or less unique to show. The truth is that there is way more to it. The $DICE cryptocurrency project is clearly ambitious. When reading the whitepaper of the $DICE token, you clearly see that a lot of thought has gone into this project, and the team behind it is willing to give their best ot make the $DICE token and with it the Mega Dice Casino and unforgettable experience.

We are very sure that, if this project should end up with great success, many of the established online crypto casinos will try to adapt to this and follow the way the Mega Dice Casino paved. If that is a positive or negative thing is something only time can tell. But we will definitely keep an eye on the development of the $DICE token.

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