What you will find on Casinotest24

Written by Andy on Sat Nov 25
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As we have mentioned before, Casinotest24 will feature many online casino reviews as well as online slot reviews. On our website you will be able to gather information, not only about online casinos, but also their operators, the casino groups. Knowing about the groups that run online casinos is already half the battle. And if that’s not enough, you will be able to find detailed ratings and reviews on every online casino page, if the casino is not currently in review of course. But not only will you find these, you will also be able to see which game providers and payment methods and online casino offers, as well as their welcome offers, so you can decide for yourself if the online casino in question is the right for you to play at.

So what makes Casinotest24 different than other online portals? First of all, everything you will find here is honest. What do we mean by that? Well, all of our ratings and reviews are honest and not sponsored or bought or anything. We greatly value the players, that’s why you will never find sponsored reviews in any way, shape or form at Casinotest24. If an online casino is bad or tries fould play on players, we will say so without hesitence. The next thing is, that we test every online casino individually. So all of our reviews and ratings are based on personal experience, as well as information we have gathered.