How we rate online casinos

Written by Andy on Sat Nov 25
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Now, how can we say that we fairly and honestly rate online casinos without telling you how we actually rate them? Of course we won’t go too much into detail, but we have worked out a formular which we use to rate every online casino on. The main focus of this formular will be the withdrawals and verifications of each online casino, as we figured out that this is the most essential reason for an online casino. What good is an online casino with thousands of games if you have to wait weeks or months for you money, right? When it comes to withdrawals, we will always check how long on average a withdrawal will take, and how much you will be able to withdraw. As many of you probably know, online casinos often use withdrawal limits. These are often in play to protect the online casinos from a sudden bankrupt, but they are also often used as a delaying tactic against players. So be careful with that

Another thing we take a look at is the customer-friendliness. Of course players want to be treated as good as they can, and not just as money bags. To investigate how online casinos react to player concerns, criticism or, most importantly, requests for help, we will reach out to the support team of the online casinos. There we will test how good the support can cope with the requests of players. The better they can handle our questions and critcism, the better they will be rated. And of course also the speed in which these matters are handled plays a certain role.

Lastly, we take a look at the terms, the bonus terms to be more precise. We will evaluate if the bonus terms are fair or not, considering things like the amount of prohibited games, any max cashout rules and of course the overall wagering requirements. As you might have guessed, this point will not be weighted too high in the ratings, as an online casino does not have to have amazing bonus conditions in order to be a good online casino.

In some cases we will have to deviate from this formula. Though this is only ever happening if there are factors that don’t really fit in our current scheme. For example, if an online casino has a maximum win limit with real money, they will be penalized with a point deduction that we think is justified. If that is the case, you will be able to read this on the review page of an online casino.