Online Casinos with Skrill

Skrill Review

Skrill is an e-wallet that allows you to easily send and receive money in various currencies. In the world of online casinos, this payment method is very well-known and enjoys great popularity. Many online merchants also offer Skrill as a payment option. In the course of our report, we will go into more detail about Skrill and explain the most important features of this payment option.

Fees on deposits

  • Deposit to Skrill account: 0% for bank transfer and Maestro cards, 1.9% for using Visa or MasterCard.
  • Withdrawal to the bank account: €3.95 for Visa card withdrawals and €5.50 for all other payment methods.
  • Sending / receiving money: Sending money: 1.9% / Receiving: free of charge.
  • Currency conversion: 3.99% for all transactions involving currency conversions.
  • Inactivity fee: no fees with at least one transaction every twelve months / no transaction within 12 months: €2 per month.

Security and safety

Skrill is a very secure payment method as it is permanently monitored and always kept safe by encrypted servers. The team tracks suspicious activity and reacts immediately in case of unusual anomalies. Therefore, you can be sure that you are also on the safe side with Skrill.

Skrill card

With the Skrill Mastercard, you can pay worldwide, where Mastercard is offered. Cash withdrawals are also possible at all ATMs, so you can permanently access your money. The card works like a prepaid credit card, which means you can only spend what is available on the Skrill account. If you want to get such a card, you should contact the customer service and apply for one.

Skrill in online casinos

The biggest advantage of Skrill is the anonymity and security of its customers. Many players do not want to associate their house bank with online casinos. Skrill only transfers the data of the Neteller account to the merchant and no data of the house bank. So you are protected and in terms of security also well equipped. The deposits and withdrawals via Skrill are also lightning fast. Transactions happen within a few minutes, even on weekends. You can also send money to another Skrill account within a second.

Conclusion about Skrill

Skrill is a very good option if you are looking for an e-wallet that is secure and fast. You can pay with it everywhere and always remain anonymous. From us Skrill is a clear recommendation because it is practical and easy to use.