Online Casinos with Neteller

Neteller Review

Neteller is an e-wallet that allows you to send and receive money in different currencies very easily. In the world of online casinos, this payment method is very well-known and enjoys great popularity. Also, many online merchants offer Neteller as a payment option. In the course of our report, we will go into more detail about Neteller and explain the most important features of this payment option.

Fees on Deposits

Neteller charges fees for any transactions. In order to keep these as low as possible, you have to get into Neteller’s VIP program, which is the active use is the case.

  • Deposit: 1% to 8% , depending on the payment method.
  • Withdrawal: up to 1.9%. However, it costs nothing on merchant sites.
  • Cards: Net+ card includes an exchange fee of 3.99%, cash withdrawal fee of 1.8% and about 10 euros to replace a card.
  • Currency conversions: 3.99% exchange fee.

Security and Safety

Neteller is equipped with all the security features you could want from a payment service provider. SSL encryption protects against security breaches and there is a two-step authentication. Unauthorized access is actually impossible, as Neteller immediately freezes the account in case of suspicious activity and informs the owner about it. Even logging in on devices is registered and marked as the owner device. In order to be able to access a new device, you have to get it through the security checks first.

The so-called Secure ID gives you another code with which you have to confirm transactions. As far as security is concerned, it has to be said that many banks could take Neteller as an example. A service team that is available around the clock is always available for questions and problems, as long as you don’t have to wait for a free spot.

Net + Prepaid MasterCard®

Neteller offers the option that with a credit card managed by the Mastercard group, one can also make purchases directly with the card as well as cash withdrawals. Thus, one can immediately withdraw cash directly from the ATM at the usual fees, which is available in the Neteller account. Initially, cash withdrawals are limited to a certain amount per day, depending on the bank. By having a higher VIP status, of course, the limits increase.

For the said card, you just need to have your account fully verified and pay a processing fee of 10 euros. After that, one is ready to pay with the card anywhere Mastercard is accepted. One also does not pay any monthly fees or anything else for using the credit card. It is important to know that the card is a prepaid credit card. This means that you can only use the money that you have on your Neteller account.

Thus, unnecessary overdrafts are not possible. You can also set up a virtual card for online purchases, where you can not pay directly with Neteller. Here you create a “virtual” credit card with an independent account number and validity period and can use this as a payment method at online merchants that accept Mastercard. This is then exactly the same as paying online with a conventional credit card.

Neteller as a payment option in Online Casinos

The biggest advantage of Neteller is the anonymity and security of its customers. Many players do not want to associate their house bank with the online casinos. Neteller only transfers the data of the Neteller account to the merchant and no data of the house bank. So you are protected and in terms of security also well equipped. The deposits and withdrawals via Neteller are also lightning fast. The transactions happen within a few minutes and that even on weekends. You can also send money to another Neteller account within a second.

Our conclusion about Neteller

Neteller is a super company which is very well established in the online gambling sector. It is secure and works with Mastercard, which is a great payment option in general. You don’t need to worry about security and anonymity and can pay with Neteller almost anywhere in the world. Overall, Neteller is really very convincing and is a clear recommendation for anyone who wants to create an e-wallet.