Online Casinos with Klarna

Klarna Review

Klarna is one of the most popular payment methods in Germany. Many people use this method because it is easy and quick to access. For this, one logs in with his online banking data and can conveniently make a transfer in real time. After logging in, you have to confirm the transfer with a tan and the money arrives directly at the merchant. In principle, your bank details are passed on to Klarna’s e-payment system, which then initiates the transfer on behalf of the customer.

Fees on deposits

There are no fees for users at Klarna. You can make deposits and withdrawals as you wish free of charge. However, if you want to offer the payment option “Klarna” yourself, the following fees apply.

  • Transaction fee per successful transaction : 0.9% and 0.25€
  • Monthly basic fee : 4.90€
  • One time setup fee : 59.90€

Security and Safety

Klarna was launched in 2005 by Payment Network AG. Since then, there has not been a single case of fraud against end customers. Security standards are very high at Klarna, which relies on PIN and Tan. This makes it just as secure as the company’s own online banking. Nowadays, you have to enter the tan using a TAN generator or a mobile device, which makes this method one of the most secure in the world.

The merchant also does not get to see any bank data, so abuse on the part of the online provider is impossible. Pin and Tan are also not stored. This is also tested and confirmed by TÜV Saarland. If complications should really arise and the end customer’s data is misused, the customer is insured for 5,000.00 euros. However, this is a very unlikely case and should probably never occur.

If you buy and pay in a store with buyer protection, you have a money-back guarantee if the merchant does not deliver the goods. Tip: Never give your bank details to third parties. No bank or Payment Network AG will ever ask for your data by e-mail or telephone. Enter the bank data only in the ordering process with Klarna.

Klarna in online casinos

Most sites offer the payment option since most people in this country have a bank account and have online banking. Due to this fact, online casinos benefit as their customers can make lightning fast deposits directly from their bank account with Klarna. However, this is also a convenient way for players to deposit money with a provider. Who deposits with Klarna at an online casino, but must also expect that the house bank gets to see these transactions. Who does not want this, should look at alternatives such as Neteller or Skrill. Of course, we have also provided the reports for you.

Conclusion about Klarna

Klarna proves to be a very fast and secure way to shop in online stores. Lightning-fast transfers ensure that the merchant receives the money immediately and can send the goods directly.