Online Casinos with Giropay

Giropay Review

The Giropay method will be familiar to anyone who has online banking access. This method is mostly offered by savings banks and other banks. To use Giropay, you don’t have to register anywhere, but you can conveniently process the transaction via your bank. With Giropay you can make free transactions in many stores and online casinos. All you need is access to your online banking.

Giropay in Online Casinos

When one chooses Giropay, one is guided through the transaction by simple steps. First, you search for your bank by name or bank code and are then redirected to their online banking. Once you have arrived at your bank, all you have to do is enter your own access data to log in. In the last step the payment approval takes place. Depending on which method you use, you will be asked to confirm the transfer.

In this transfer form it is again clearly described how much and where to transfer something. Thus, it is an absolutely safe and good transaction option. The payment approval is done by methods like Push-Tan or Chip-Tan. You always have to enter a TAN to finally complete the transaction. This ensures maximum security and you have to actively confirm the transaction yourself.

Conclusion about Giropay

We find Giropay to be one of the most reputable and secure payment methods around. It operates within the well-known banks and has been established there for years. Through this cooperation, every user has a sense of security and can shop in online stores without hesitation. Giropay also saves a lot of time and you can’t actually do anything wrong anymore. You don’t have to fill out anything manually and therefore you can’t make a mistake. If you make a mistake with the numbers, it can always happen that the money simply doesn’t arrive where you want it. This is exactly what does not happen with Giropay. Everything is already filled out automatically and the payment data is electronically transferred immediately. Another advantage is the lightning-fast transfer. The money via Giropay is usually within seconds at the recipient and thus you have direct access to the money. Who deposits at an online casino, can be sure that the money is immediately on the player account. So you can start playing quickly and safely. Giropay has proven itself for many years and will certainly continue to do so. The strong cooperation with the savings banks and other well-known German banks has made Giropay one of the most important online providers.