Online Casinos with ecoPayz

EcoPayz Review

EcoPayz is another payment provider in the e-wallet category. With this provider you can pay just like with Neteller or Skrill. You send the money from your ecoPayz account to the desired destination in seconds. The transactions all take place in real time as well and are therefore available instantly.

Fees on deposits

EcoPayz has fees for transactions that are dependent on status. The higher you are in status, the lower the fees. The different levels are: Classic, Silver, Gold, Platinum and VIP. With the last level you logically have the greatest advantages. But they all have one thing in common: transfers between your ecoPayz sub-accounts are free. You can do this as often as you like and send money back and forth to yourself.

  • Transfer to other Eco Accounts: 0.50 € or 1.5% with Classic status. Free of charge with Silver status and above.
  • Deposit: bank transfer, credit card, eco voucher: up to 1.7%.
  • Currency conversion: from 2,99% – 1,25% exchange fee depending on level
  • Inactivity fee: From 12 months per month 1,50€ account fee
  • Bank withdrawal: Only available from Silver and costs between 2,90€ and 10€ depending on the level

The account creation

Creating an ecoPayz account is very easy and we have listed the steps to the account for you again:

  1. As with other providers, you first choose a user name. Of course, you can name this yourself and should remember it well.
  2. The second step is to enter your e-mail address. Make sure that it is your current and valid address, because all legitimation processes and information emails run from here.
  3. After that you come to the password. Choose a password that is very difficult to guess and use special characters and different letters.
  4. In the next steps you choose your country and language.
  5. The main currency is selected. Please use the currency of the country you are in, otherwise you will have to pay unnecessary exchange fees.
  6. After these steps you enter your personal data and only have to validate yourself. This is done quickly via a validation code on your cell phone.
  7. Quickly make the classic marketing settings and press “Create account” and the account is ready.

EcoPayz in Online Casinos

Some may ask: What is ecoPayz? For us, however, this is not surprising. ecoPayz has only found its way to online gambling providers in the last few years. It is also not yet offered everywhere. What you can see, however, is the increase. More and more providers offer ecoPayz and thus this provider is becoming more and more a good alternative to Paypal or Neteller.

Generally, the advantages of an e-wallet also count for ecoPayz. One can deposit seriously and anonymously at an online casino and does not have to do this via his house bank. One only has to top up his ecoPayz account and can buy from there what he does not want through his bank. Of course, many players do not want their house bank to know about the online casinos. For one thing, it’s a taboo subject for some and there are better topics to discuss with your advisor.

This is exactly where e-wallets come in. They grant security and anonymity within the transaction area. The ecoPayz account is nothing more than a credit-based credit card account. You can do anything you want with it, as long as you have enough money on it. Whether on vacation, restaurants or shopping. With the ecoPayz card, which you can also apply for, you can buy anywhere with this provider.

Conclusion about EcoPayz

We think that EcoPayz complements the list of e-wallets very well. You also get a credit-based credit card account here and can make transactions anywhere in the world. Transactions are lightning fast and fees are also really okay compared to the competitors. At online casinos with the EcoPayz feature, you can easily deposit and have instant access to the money. Withdrawals that are confirmed also land immediately on the ecoAccount. With a bank withdrawal you would have to wait up to 5 business days. This is probably the biggest advantage of an e-wallet. In addition, there is the security and anonymity of the transaction. Thus, we would clearly recommend this method.