Online Casinos with CashToCode

CashToCode Review

CashtoCode is a simple and secure online payment method. Thanks to the special feature of the reputable prepaid payment method, you can pay cash with us on the Internet. No bank information or credit card details are required, so confidential information is protected at all times.

CashToCode is a voucher system available in several European countries, the German market being the primary and the Austrian the secondary one. It allows for safe, convenient and quick deposits across online casinos, and it is perfect for those players who do not want to share credit card or bank details with the operator.

About CashToCode

CashToCode’s story began in 2016, the year it was launched. It was not that long ago, but in such a short time, the voucher system became one of the most popular in Europe. It was created by the Berlin-based company and the UK service provider Funanga AG, therefore, if you take a look at the company’s profile, you’ll see that it led by a team of payment industry professionals, looking to revolutionize cash payments and simplify them. The company’s headquarters are in London, but as mentioned, the solution is mostly used in two other major European markets, Austria and Germany. And as such, it complies with the Federal Republic of Germany’s laws, meaning it is perfectly safe and secure to use.

Deposit with CashToCode

Now that you know the purchasing procedure, and you see that half of the process for making a deposit with CashToCode has already been explained, let’s continue explaining the rest of the steps you need to make. As mentioned, the voucher is actually pretty popular across online casinos, due to the convenience and security it offers. In fact, you’ll find it available across 60,000 locations, lotto, bingo, sportsbooks and online casino sites.

Withdrawals with CashToCode 

Cashouts, sadly, are not an option with CashToCode, due to its nature as a voucher. Unless they are reloadable, vouchers are never an option for withdrawals. And since this voucher is not reloadable, withdrawals with it are impossible.

So, if you use it for deposits, make sure you have a different withdrawal method prepared, like an eWallet or crypto. These are excellent for cashouts as they provide you with quick processing times and low fees.

Our Conclusion

But putting that aside, you could see from what you’ve read so far that the voucher is actually quite useful. It is available across many online casino sites, more than you can count, it is available in many languages, it is safe and convenient to use for quick deposits, and it comes with no fees at all. These are rarely things offered by other payment solutions available across online casinos and should be appreciated. Add to that the fact that you never need to share any banking details, or personal details, for that matter, and you’ve got yourself a private solution to use for depositing across online casinos.

This, of course, brings us back to the drawbacks, since you cannot actually make withdrawals with it. But, as long as you have an eWallet or are involved with cryptocurrency, you can use either of them to make fast and cost-effective withdrawals, without oversharing personal and banking details with the casino.

So, depending on your preferences as an online casino player, and depending on your country of residence, you would need to weigh in all the positive and negative aspects of CashToCode in order to decide whether it is a great option for you or not. If you decide to go with it, you will see that you won’t regret it, because the voucher sure has a lot to offer.